How a talisman will give you luck

how a talisman will give you luck

How they work and how you can use them

Talismans are inanimate objects to which some type of spell or spell is applied to give us luck. Here we tell you how they work and in what ways you can use them to attract what you want and also as a protection measure.

What is a talisman?

+What are they? : talismans or amulets have been used for thousands of years to attract good things or as a measure of protection against bad. It is true that in esoteric shops and markets they sell certain objects that already have these properties, but if you want, you can also convert objects that you already have into your amulets.

+What kinds of objects can be enchanted to turn them into talismans ?:  People who practice white magic usually use jewelry as talismans, but you can also use any object that you usually carry with you every day, but that are small in size. Key rings are usually very useful for this purpose, but make sure they are made of the right material. The key is that they are objects of a material with its own energy, that is, that it is found in nature like metal, stones (whether semi-precious or not) or wood. In no case will objects of plastic, glass or any other material created artificially by the human being serve us.

+How are they enchanted ?: the objects themselves already have their own energetic vibration due to the material from which they are made, so all you have to do is modify it so that it works in our favor. We can create talismans to find love , so that our relationships last, so that a person comes back into our lives … and also as a protection measure against unnatural spells.

+When can I use them ?: If it is a protection talisman, you must always carry it with you. The objective is to protect you from possible spells that lead you to act contrary to how you normally would, that is, to protect you from black magic practices. On the other hand, if you want your talisman to work to give you good luck, you should wear it only on occasions when you need extra help, for example, an exam, an important appointment, a job interview, a trip … If you abuse of them, their effect can be turned off and even if you enchant them again, they will not work.

+How long does the spell last ?: Depends on the object, but generally no more than a month. If they have semi-precious stones, the effect of the spell can last another month, especially if you have exposed it to the light of the full moon.

+What is a talisman NOT for ?: a talisman is an ‘extra help’, so you will also have to do your part, that is, it will not help you to pass an exam without having studied or to have a first movie date if the person is not right for you. Nor will it help you win the lottery or anything like that.


Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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