How to make homemade charms step by step for luck

how to make homemade charms step by step for luck

Make yourself your talisman of love, money and work

Sometimes we need a little push to change our fortunes. Charms help you avoid doom and bring you closer to the brighter side of the force. Some of the most effective are those that are made at home, since good vibrations are transferred to them during the manufacturing process.

Therefore, we tell you how to make homemade charms step by step to be lucky in different matters of your life.

What is an amulet and a talisman

An amulet is a small object to which we attribute magical power and which we carry to benefit from its influence. By always carrying it with us, or by performing some kind of ritual , we move away from bad vibrations, guarantee ourselves protection … It all depends on how the amulet is.

We must bear in mind that a talisman and an amulet are not the same. While the first manages to attract good luck, the second offers us defense against everything bad that threatens us.

Can you make an amulet at home?

Charms can be made at home and, in fact, they are very effective in driving away negative energy . You can also make talismans at home that help you have more fortune in love, money, health, etc. Keep in mind that the most effective are those that are personal and, therefore, have more force if each one makes their own.

Any object can be an amulet, since you are the one who gives it magic and strength . By creating them, you transmit to them the power and energy that you carry within. Therefore, it is important to have an open and positive mindset while you are doing them. If you are sure that this amulet or talisman will work, it will.

Step by step to make homemade charms

We give you some ideas so you can make your own charms at home. They are very simple and do not require complicated materials to find , so you can make them at any time.

1 Talisman to have good luck in love

Do you notice that bad fortune haunts you in your love relationships ? Try to find where your love problem is and build the talisman that helps you counteract bad energies.

We propose a simple talisman to make but yes, you can do it and charge it properly, it can help you a lot to attract love.

You need: three nails, salt, red string, a small cloth bag.

+ Place three nails on the table. Make sure they are very clean and dry.

+ Add a little salt charged with positive energy.

+ Next, put them together and tie them with a red thread. As you do so, recite: ‘With this talisman he called to love. Let desire come to me. Unite us both. ‘

+ Find a small bag that is made of cloth and insert the nails inside. Take them wherever you go.

2 Your amulet to ward off your bad luck with money

If your bank account has been diminishing lately, you may need a charm that calls money . There is no better way to attract fortune than Chinese coins. But, in addition, these will keep bad vibrations well away .

You need: three Chinese coins and a red bow.

+Get three Chinese coins. These should be round and have a square hole in the center. This is precisely where the money goes.

+Buy a red ribbon, which is the color of good luck in China , and tie the three coins.

+Make a strong bow so they never separate and carry them with you everywhere.

3 Work improvements with this homemade amulet

Are you looking for a job? This charm will help all your efforts to find the position you have been waiting for so long.

You will need: a small white cloth handkerchief, a gold coin, a tablespoon of brown sugar, a white ribbon and rosemary.

+ Spread out the handkerchief, which has to be very clean, and place a gold coin in the center.

+ Put some brown sugar on the coin.

+ Add the sprig of rosemary on top.

+ Bring the ends of the scarf together and use the ribbon to tie them together. Meanwhile, recite: ‘May this amulet keep all evil away. Only then can I get that job done. ‘

4 Charms to ward off bad luck

When bad luck disrupts our daily lives, an amulet can serve as protection. Avoid bad vibrations with some objects that you must charge with positive energy to help you.

Finding a four-leaf clover is a sign of good luck , although finding it is not as easy as it sounds. If you ever get it, place it between two drying papers to keep it longer. Each leaf of the clover represents a virtue: money, fame, love and health.

Carrying a horseshoe in your bag (small so it doesn’t weigh you too much) will help ward off the evil eye . To make it work, charge it with your best thoughts and vibrations .


Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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