How to make love to a man from a distance?

How to make love to a man from a distance?

Intimacy is important in any stable relationship, but it is much more so in a long-distance relationship, since when the two of you are not able to spend time together regularly because they are estranged, all the little things that happen are lost. day after day they made love stay, so you have to try new things between the two.

In addition, thanks to the distance you also lose physical intimacy with your partner, you forget what it is to kiss him on the way to work, the spontaneous shower, holding hands and those magical moments when they cuddled up on the sofa or in bed before sleeping.

So in short, seeing yourself in excess with your partner can become counterproductive, to the point of distancing them even more, than being really many kilometers away. But since in your case you are far from him, then take note of the following options to make love to your man from a distance, we will help ourselves with technology.

1. Provoke it on WhatsApp

Without a doubt, this is the easiest and fastest way to see our boy face to face and body to body, just download this application so that you can make video calls at any time you want, especially in those moments that they are completely alone.

It is a matter of dare to do the things they have in mind, without prohibiting themselves, remember that the distance affects relationships and the ideal is that both continue to please despite not being able to be close.

2. Lovense sex toys

A super interesting option for both, since with Nora the vibrator and Max the male masturbator , they will be able to enjoy sex at a distance since the sex toys can be controlled through the Lovense software.

You also have the option of making video conferences with your love who is far away, to have a complete experience of super pleasant cybersex that you did not imagine could be like that. Like LovePalz, which we will talk about below, both sex toys respond to body movements and send excellent feedback to your partner’s toy, so that the sexual experience is perfect.

3. Make your imagination soar with Skype

Skype is another very simple application to have a face-to-face chat with your partner. You will be able to have your hands free, you know, so you can use your hands for other things, the ones that you both want to see 😉

Take some time before you watch yourself on video with your man to put on something very light to provoke him even more and also try to get the lighting to be adequate and after this … Bummm surprise him babe.

4. Control your pleasure with LovePalz

What if they buy sex toys that are special, one for him, and another for her, these are called Hera and Zeus and they can control them through the LovePalz platform, so that you have a better idea of ​​what it is, your partner He will control what is happening with your toy, that’s right, he has control, peeeeeer, while that happens you also drive him crazy by controlling the toy that he has, does it sound interesting or not?

5. Kiiroo

Kiiroo also offers couples the full cybersex experience. Thanks to this novel platform, you can purchase the vibrator called Pearl, this is a G-spot vibrator made of soft silicone, and has a slight curve to give more pleasure than normal, while Onyx is a male sex toy that will offer your boyfriend or husband an experience as realistic as possible: It has 10 contraction rings that will make him feel like he is inside you. Similar to Lovense, there is a video conferencing option to make things much better.

6. Very erotic emails

They can open a few emails that are exclusive to write erotic love notes between themselves and although it may be a bit slow, they will always have an expectation about whether an email has arrived or not, in this they can be so detailed and sexual however you want, the idea is to increase libido.

7. Start over in chat rooms

Remember that famous RPG where you meet your guy at the bar and they pretend they are two strangers seducing each other for the first time? Well, you should try the cyber version, they can be found in an adult chat room where the environment is ideal for what they want to do.

Indulge in your sexy side by flirting with him and writing some dirty stuff and then head into a private chat room for some old-fashioned cybersex.

8. ZipaClip

ZipaClip is basically the dirty version of Snapchat lol so you are where you need to be if you want to make love to a man from a distance. This app allows you to send encrypted videos and messages to any other user, that is, 200% secure, there is no possibility of them being filtered.

Best of all, the application blocks the recipient so that they cannot save or forward it to other people, so you will never have problems with your photos or videos being leaked and falling into the hands of who you do not want.

8. Selfie Stick que vibra

This invention is the best, did you know it? The Svakom Gaga Vibrator is a device with an integrated HD camera that captures exactly what happens in your vagina during sex, so that they have an experience that they will surely not forget, so go ahead. Thanks to its capabilities similar to those of FaceTime, you can share the view with your boy, isn’t this great? Can you imagine what they could do and have fun? 🙂


Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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