The best signs for an affair with Leo

The best signs for an affair with Leo

Fire is intense in Leo, its ruler is the Sun, so it will always be a person with a lot of passion inside. Leo loves to explore and also loves to know new things, so he will always have a good disposition to go into the most remote and unexplored places, something he also does in the intimate part. Sex is very important for fire signs and Leo is no exception to this, as he always has an interest in the lovemaking arts and in improving any deficiencies he may have, although it is very rare for a lion to have intimacy problems.

Leo is very attracted to Sagittarius, due to his natural sense of adventureand the constant search for new emotions, so that both could be great travel companions, but also great lovers , if what you are looking for is a little fun and not the need to form such a big commitment. Although Sagittarius can commit and settle down, there will always be some part of your interior that will tell you that you need to explore much more.

The attraction of the centaur to the lion is also instantaneous, as he is amazed by the beauty and majesty both internal and external of the feline. You could both be great friends, great lovers, and also great life partners . If what you are looking for is to dare, live an intense adventure, then Sagittarius would be the ideal.

Leo likes stability and is quite faithful when he falls in love, but he may also be able to get through life without the intrinsic need to start a family, at least until he feels ready for it. This is why signs like Cancer or Virgo do not understand the lion so much, since they seek greater stability, especially because they like to draw their life as a fail-safe plan, something that the lion resents., even though he can adjust to it when he truly loves .

Aquarius is the complementary opposite of Leo, but it is not a good partner for an adventure , nor for a romance, although they are attracted to each other, they will always have points of difference that will manage to move them away over time, since Leo lacks internal structure Just because you really don’t need it, you know exactly what to do, but you can change your plans any minute you want, something that could upset the sensible Aquarius over time. Despite the natural rebellion of Aquarius, something that attracts the lion, it is a sign that seeks to have a peaceful life, something that Leo can offer, but only after a while, not at the moment that perhaps Aquarius really seeks.

Libra is a good complement for Leo in every way, since the lion is capable of awakening the most hidden passions of the balance, something that would give them the opportunity to explore and get to know each other very well. Aries and another Leo are also a good companion for Leo, since being fire signs, they can always be more empowered and grow the flame that united them in the first instance.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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