I have the evil eye, how do I get rid of it?

I have the evil eye, how do I get rid of it?

If you are suffering from an evil eye, there are some methods to eliminate it.

Anyone has a bad streak because luck is capricious and comes and goes without warning. But there are times when you notice that it is more than bad luck and you start to start that you are suffering from an evil eye. Will it be possible? Yes, it is possible if you have a toxic person around you who loves you badly. Discover the tricks to remove an evil eye and smile again.

What is the evil eye

The evil eye is not something that only superstitious people suffer from . The evil eye exists because there are toxic people with powerful negative energy that invade our lives with disasters, pessimism and bad vibes. It is more than just bad luck, it is bad luck sent by someone close to you.

When you have a long season in which everything goes wrong, when you feel physically bad and emotionally worse. When you notice that you are living in a spiral of bad energy , it is because you have an evil eye and you have to act as soon as possible.

How to know if you have the evil eye

The symptoms of the evil eye manifest themselves in the form of daily incidents and accidents. Also in some physical signs such as nausea, fatigue or headaches. But above all it shows in the spirit , since the evil eye is a matter of energy.

The evil eye takes away any positive energy you have and transforms it into negative. You will notice it because you know that it is more than just bad luck, because your mind is tinged with a dark color that is alien to you.

How to remove the evil eye

If you have the evil eye, you can get rid of it in several ways. Although it never hurts to protect yourself so that there is no next time with some amulet or talisman.

1The simplest remedy to remove the evil eye is with a handful of salt that you will spread on your back while you shower. If you do it for a week, you will start to notice better vibrations.

2Salt is an important element for everything related to bad luck and bad energy. A more elaborate trick than the previous one is to put a bowl with water and two handfuls of salt, stir it and place a candle on top . If you leave it until the candle burns out, the evil eye will have disappeared from your life.

3Water is purifying and also works against the evil eye. If it is rainwater , better, but you have to put a container with water and some pieces of charcoal. This container is placed behind the front door of the house and when the coal dissolves, the bad energy will also be gone.

4It seems that eucalyptus is also purifying in terms of the evil eye. You have to place a piece of eucalyptus bark in a visible or important area of ​​your home to protect yourself from bad vibrations.

5Although the most effective remedy is undoubtedly the power of your mind . The evil eye exists, it is true, but within you you have the necessary resources to neutralize it. You have more power than that person who wishes you evil. So fight that bad energy with a positive attitude and you will be more protected this time and also if they try again.

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