The best love spells to get your ex boyfriend back

love spells to get your ex boyfriend back

When a relationship breaks down , the pain in the heart can be very deep, so deep that it seems like a stake is driven into the soul. It is possible that you have lived circumstances that have taken you away emotionally but you know that deep down, you are made for each other and you have to be together again. To do this, we propose the best love spells to get your ex boyfriend back. Let love come back!

Love spells to get your ex boyfriend back

For the following love spells to work and you will be together again, the most important thing is to have a good attitude and predisposition so that the forces of the universe pay attention to you. In addition you must be sure that the result will be positive , because it never will be.

If you have hostile or malicious behavior, magic will turn its back on you. You must delay the love tie so long until you feel that it is time. Only when you know that you have good intentions and that you want to get his love because you feel great love and desire for him and you know that he also feels it for you, then you can perform the spell.

We propose 4 love spells that will act to make your relationship with your ex-boyfriend better every day.

1. The spell of the lemon helps you to resume the relationship

We suggest you perform the spell of the lemon, perfect to recover the most complicated relationships . This is all you need to perform this spell.

+A pink or white candle

+A ripe lemon

+A small piece of paper (if it is pink or red better)

+Some red ribbon or string

First, light the candle and put it in front of you. Write your name and your ex’s name just below yours on a piece of paper. Cut the lemon in half and fold the paper so that the names are in full contact. Then put the paper on the straight surface of the lemon and put the other part as if it were a lemon and paper sandwich. Tie the red string or ribbon around the lemon to hold it together. While you do, you should close your eyes and visualize your ex by your side, that good luck smiles at you and being very happy with you.

Once this is done you must extinguish the candle and put the lemon and paper sandwich in the freezer, put it in the back completely so that no one who lives with you can see it. Have a good attitude towards the relationship that could be with your ex again and in less than a month he will be in your arms again. So fast !

2. Love spell with a feather to get back together

Was it the fights that ended up separating you? In this case, the spell of the pen will help you to unite again because he will feel an irremediable desire to get in touch with you again. This mooring is perfect to improve communication between two people who once loved each other very much.

To carry out this spell you need:

+A small object that your ex-partner has given you

+One pink and one red candle

+Some paper

+A feather, if possible black

+Seeds of some plant

+A pot with a little soil

This tie of love begins by making a hole to bury the gift of your ex-boyfriend inside the earth of a pot next to the seeds and the pen. Don’t close the hole yet. It is very important that in the meantime you think about some of your best moments with him. If you want, you can even remember them out loud so that the connection is stronger.

Write on the paper a beautiful love phrase that conveys your wishes to return to your partner . Fold it up and bury it in the ground too. Put a candle on each side of the pot and light them. While they are being consumed, close the hole with both hands. Do not stop thinking about your goal: to get back together.

When the plant begins to grow, you will know if the spell has worked. In this way, this is a spell that takes a little longer to take effect. But when it does, it is usually very durable .

3. Get your love back with the coin tying

Coin spells are very effective , but they have to be done correctly. Positive thoughts and attitude are very important and should take over your mind whenever you have coins with you. When you make this tie you must bear in mind that its effects are usually long-lasting , so you must be sure to carry it out.

This love spell does not need objects that are too complicated to find.

+A white colored paper

+A coin. If it has a special meaning for you because, for example, it is from a country that you visited together, it will be more effective

+A red ribbon or string

+A sprig of fresh rosemary

Write the name of your ex-boyfriend in the center of the paper. If you want, you can also put a nice phrase that talks about your reconciliation. Make sure your handwriting is nice and understandable. Rub the rosemary against the coin several times while saying the words you have written.

Next, put the paper on the table and place the coin and the sprig of rosemary right on top . Fold the paper, like an envelope, so that these objects are inside. To make sure it doesn’t budge, tie the red string around it and make a small loop.

Have this tie always close to you, inside the bag for example, until all your purposes are fulfilled. When you are happy with your partner again, bury the mooring in a place that is special for you and that is related to this new stage of your relationship.

4. If you want your ex to come back, do this spell with a photo

If you are desperate for your relationship with your ex to resume, this is the kind of tie you need. Like others, this love spell works best when performed during a full moon night . It is a simple spell but it must be done with a very positive mindset.

This is all you need:

+A white paper

+Two different colored candles

+A picture of your ex boyfriend

+A long red ribbon

+A dark towel

Write your partner’s name on the paper while you think about how much you love him. Use the candles to burn two of the corners (the opposite corners better). You should try that the names do not burn, so that they can be read perfectly, so you should not put the paper too close to the flame.

Spread the towel on the table, which has to be completely clean. Place the paper and the photograph in the center. Join the ends of the towel, like a bundle and tie it with the red ribbon. This should be long enough to allow the towel to be looped 3 times before tying it.

For the effect of this love spell to last longer, you must bury the towel underground, either in a pot or under the ground. When you and your partner get back together, you should remember to dig up the mooring as soon as possible. If you do it too late, that relationship won’t last at all.

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