Ichthyophobia: are you afraid of fish?


Animals can be the stimulus that causes a phobia . We have seen it on many occasions with spiders, snakes or even birds. And it also happens with the fear of fish if you suffer from ichthyophobia . Animals that in principle do not seem to have any danger, but that for people with ichthyophobia can be a cause for panic. We tell you everything about ichthyophobia in our dictionary of phobias .

What is ichthyophobia

Ichthyophobia is the fear of fish. To the live fish that you find in the sea, in a river or in a lake and also to the fish that serve as food. For this reason, it is very possible that if you suffer from ichthyophobia you cannot eat fish. It is a phobia that causes a lot of surprise because of how little dangerous the animal is .

With other phobias with animals, it may not be so strange to us. We are used to hearing about arachnophobia and it is a fear that we can all understand. But what danger can a fish pose? The truth is that when a phobia appears it is because that fear is unreal and excessive .

Symptoms of ichthyophobia

Between fear and rejection of the stimulus, in this case the fish, the phobic disorders move. People with ichthyophobia will try by all means to avoid being in situations where they have to see fish . The avoidance behavior involves not going to a Maritime Museum, for example, although that is not too limiting.

But other situations are. How to avoid going to the beach with friends or family, or enjoying an afternoon in a forest next to the river. All to escape the symptoms of anxiety caused by the presence of fish. Nervousness, sweating, palpitations and dizziness that can trigger a panic attack .

Causes of ichthyophobia

The question we all ask ourselves is how do you come to have this irrational fear of fish . Generally, phobias originate from a traumatic experience, in this case, the situation experienced with a strong emotional charge is associated with the presence of these animals .

Another of the most common causes for developing a phobia is previously suffering from an anxiety disorder . Anxiety triggers the feeling of danger in the face of the most diverse stimuli and, not always with compelling reasons. That is why it is common not to be able to find any specific situation in that person’s life that has led him to panic about fish.

Treatment of ichthyophobia

It may seem that ichthyophobia is a problem that does not limit the day-to-day life of the person who suffers it . And it’s true, even if you have to give up certain pleasures, you don’t have to find yourself in situations that trigger your anxiety every day. But in any case, phobias must be treated to prevent new ones from developing.

To overcome a phobia , psychological help is required . A professional will determine the most appropriate treatment according to the degree of the phobic disorder and the particularities of each person, but it is proven that cognitive behavioral therapy is the most effective with the help of relaxation techniques.

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