Is your partner cheating on you? How to tell him you know and what to do

is your partner cheating on you how to tell him you know and what to do

Not because it is frequent, it ceases to be a problem that is not very well known how to manage. We talk about infidelity in relationships, but not about suspicion, but about the fact itself. You know perfectly well that your partner is cheating on you and surely you have spent a while suffering before taking it for granted. And now what? Do you have to continue suffering? Because you will have to face the situation, right? We are looking for how to tell your partner that you discovered his infidelity and, also, what to do in this cheating situation. 

Is your partner cheating on you? How to tell him you know and what to do

When you find out that your partner is cheating on you, you may go into a state of shock that paralyzes you. It’s okay, calm down, because this state of shock that you can’t even think about will give way to anger against your partner and also to blaming yourself. Those feelings of anger and guilt will alternate until the situation clears up.

Well, the situation is actually quite clear: your partner is unfaithful to you . What is not so clear is what will happen from this moment. Do you think you can forgive an infidelity or do you prefer to break the relationship directly? In both cases, you want an explanation, you want to understand the reasons, and you also want an apology and regret. And for that you will need a conversation with your partner .

How to tell your partner that you already know that he is unfaithful

It’s hard to stay calm when you find out your partner is cheating on you . So, first of all, do not worry if you overreact with a historical fight or with uncivilized actions, as long as they do not affect the physical integrity of your partner. With this we are not giving you free rein to destroy his collection of vinyl records, we are simply telling you that he has already broken the rules of a civilized relationship at the moment in which he has cheated on you and failed about it.

So if you come across an improper and unseemly reaction, forgive yourself. Either way, you have several options when it comes to telling your partner that you discovered their infidelity.

+You can wait for the anger to pass and talk calmly with your partner to explain the reasons and their intentions regarding their lover and your relationship. If you don’t see yourself capable of having a conversation like that, we insist, don’t punish yourself. You have the right to be angry.

+You can tell her that you discovered her infidelity in an angry argument, with screaming and vase-tossing included . You can even throw reproaches and the odd bawdy word. But this is not going to get you anywhere either because in reality the damage has already been done.

+You can not tell him anything. You can just leave , leave a note or even break up on WhatsApp . You can change the lock and leave your things on the street. You can do whatever seems appropriate at that moment because it has hurt you, it has broken trust and an unfaithful person who has cheated on his partner does not have the right to contemplations or civilized breaks, much less friendly.

Later there will be time to compose yourself, to organize your ideas and to weigh the idea of ​​forgiving your partner’s infidelity. Or even apologize for destroying his vinyl collection. But don’t ask yourself to act calm at first. If you have to demand something from someone, it is from your partner, an explanation. Then with that explanation … You will have to decide what to do , whether to continue with him or leave him forever.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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