Love spells to ward off bad luck in love

Love spells to ward off bad luck in love

In recent years, everything has happened to you: boyfriends who disappear overnight, couples who have to go to work in other countries , infidelities and ex-girlfriends who come back for them when you were better off. You have been unlucky , of course. But if you want to break that bad streak you should try this double spell . Take note of the ingredients you need.

The spell that breaks your bad streak in love

The most suitable days to perform this double spell are the next day 7 and the 13th of the month. Each of these days you will have to perform the steps that we detail below. This is a double spell so you have to do it on those days at the time you want, as long as it is the same on both.

On the 7th, light two green candles and a peppermint incense stick . Take a thick thread, it can be wool, and cut it into 7 parts. Keep them in a box or a handkerchief and holding them in your hands, recite: ‘bad luck, get out of me. Let the magic come and heal my heart. Let a good love come. ‘ Place the box or tissue as close to the ceiling as possible , on a shelf for example, and leave it there until the 13th.

On the 13th at the same time, retrieve your box or handkerchief, light two purple candles and a lavender incense stick. Take out the cut strands and cut them in half, save one for 13 total. Throw away the rest and keep only the one you have left whole in the box . Recite the same spell and put the box in a drawer.

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