2021 Valentine’s Cards to print or send

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Valentine is a day to celebrate love in all its facets, both as a couple, as a family, with your friends or even if you are single or single. How about sending a Valentine’s card to your loved ones? It is a simple, inexpensive and beautiful detail that yours will never forget.

To help you find the best Valentine’s Day 2021 card to print or send , in Diario Femenino we have prepared a few original images so that you can choose the one you like the most and send it to whoever you want, with your best wishes for Valentine’s Day. Lovers be a very special day. Shall we start? Look look!

Very romantic Valentine’s Day 2021 cards for your partner

We started our selection of printable Valentine’s Day cards with some of the most romantic, beautiful and special to dedicate to your great love . All of them have a very beautiful meaning: the celebration of true love. It will be difficult to choose just one!

+Valentine card to smile

A beautiful card with a phrase that will surely bring a huge smile to your boy or your girl . If you want to send your best wishes for this day in which love is the protagonist … Do not hesitate! Send it to him via WhatsApp and he will love it!

Perfect card for the most romantic ones on Valentine’s Day

Is your partner one of the most beautiful things you have in your life? Let him know with a beautiful card that he will keep forever in his heart. In addition, you can send it by mail so that, when you open the envelope, you will find this beautiful phrase along with a beautiful letter . What a cool idea!

+Valentine’s Day card for coping with difficulties

Surely you have had to go through more than one storm as a couple, right? But we are also sure that you will always overcome them, because your love is stronger than all those crises . Send him this card!

+Card for a special person on Valentine’s Day

Maybe you are meeting a new couple, this is your first Valentine’s Day , and you want to have a special detail, as well as a beautiful gift that you think they will love. Why not send this beautiful postcard ?

+Card for a long distance love on Valentine’s Day

There will be many couples who cannot be together in 2021, for whatever reason. But that’s not why you’re going to stop celebrating Valentine’s Day, right? You can make a video call, have dinner together in the distance, send each other a gift by mail and, of course … Toast to your love in the distance !

Funny cards for singles on Valentine’s Day 2021

Surely on Valentine’s Day you will see many, many, memes of all those who are single . Some of them are very ingenious, like these cards that you can either keep to yourself or send to your best friend if they are single. They are very funny!

+Valentine’s Day Self Love Card

There is nothing better than loving yourself and, therefore, this card seems perfect for everyone, even for those who have a partner! Surely you will send it to whoever you send it to, you will raise their self-esteem throughout the day.

+Card for those who are unlucky in love

Surely you know someone with a lot of bad luck in matters of love , because they have not yet found the right person. But so what? Life is to be enjoyed ! And, as this card says, if life gives you lemons … you know.

+Festive card for singles on Valentine’s Day

That the party does not stop for the singles on February 14 , because they have every day of the year to enjoy. Who would you send this card to?

+Funny card for February 14

A card full of irony for that single friend or for yourself , if you are still waiting for that great love who seems to have lost along the way … It is a very original postcard !

Valentine 2021 images perfect for your friends

Friends also deserve some nice words on a day when the most important thing is love, not only that of the couple, but love in all its versions. Which of these postcards would you send to your best friends?

+Valentine card for your best friend

If you and your best friend want to have a gift on Valentine’s Day, nothing better than this card. And if you change the drawing for a photograph of yours ? The postcard will have much more meaning and can even be framed to hang on a wall or put on a small table. What a great idea!

+Card for your friends on Valentine’s Day

As we said at the beginning, Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be a day for couples. You can also celebrate with your friends and what better way than sending this card ? Surely they will not expect it …

+Card for a lasting friendship on Valentine’s Day

Couples you can have many, but there are friends who remain by your side throughout life, for many years that may pass. Why not celebrate Valentine’s Day with them ? They deserve it!

+Thank you image for your friends on Valentine’s Day

Thank your best friends for everything they do for you on Valentine’s Day with a card like this, it’s great!

Valentine’s Day cards and images to send to the whole family

Besides friends, family is also very important in our lives . Therefore, if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with them, do not miss the opportunity to send them your best wishes for this day of love and much affection.

+Image of family love for Valentine’s Day

The love in the family can never fail, nor the Valentines Day, or Christmas, or any other day. Do you agree? You can send this card to any member of your family, such as your parents or your siblings.

+Happy love day to my family with this card

A simple and basic card of greeting for Valentine , but it is very special because it is a beautiful words for your family.

+Card of much love for the family

If you enjoy a lot of love and affection at home , this is your card! Send it to your loved ones, or stick it on the fridge on Valentine’s Day so everyone will be surprised to see it. What do you think of our idea?

+Card to celebrate family love

Let those who want to celebrate family love raise their hands ! There is no better way to enjoy Valentine’s Day than with your loved ones, with those people to whom you do not show your love every day but you know they deserve it more than anyone else.

2021 Valentine’s cards to share on social networks

We finalize our selection of beautiful cards with some ideas that you can share on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter profile … or wherever you want! Which of these Valentine’s cards would you share on your networks?

+Funny card for Valentine

If you want to show off your sense of humor , nothing better than a funny phrase accompanying a drawing that will make more than one smile. Take note!

+Beautiful card for February 14 in social networks

And if you show how much love matters to you in your networks with this beautiful image ? Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to celebrate the triumph of love over hate.

+Funny image for Valentine

Fun is guaranteed with this image that you can share with your loved ones or upload to your social media profiles . And, what would we do without our morning coffee? Make someone smile!

+Image to reflect on Valentine’s Day

Neither can you miss the phrases to reflect , some of them very philosophical, about love . With this image you will show what love is for you, how beautiful!

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