Meaning of dreaming of an earthquake: are you ready to change your life?


We can’t help but feel a shudder every time we see the devastating consequences of an earthquake on television. Chaos and destruction that require a lot of courage and energy to get ahead. So when we dream of a natural disaster of this type, the logical thing is that we wake up scared at what is coming our way. Do you want to know the meaning of dreaming about an earthquake ? We tell you about it in our dream dictionary !

The symbolism of an earthquake in dreams

Dreaming of an earthquake could easily be part of those dreams of misfortune due to the feeling of terror that it produces in us. In this case, the reality of the earthquake is assimilated to its dreamlike meaning and it is an announcement of change . If you dream of an earthquake, your life will be devastated and you will have to rebuild it .

Although it may seem that this is a negative interpretation, we cannot forget that every change implies a great opportunity, so perhaps it is time to start from scratch and build the life you always wanted to have. But while it may be a story with a happy ending, what we cannot avoid is the chaos and destruction that we must go through before rebuilding.

In this way, the meaning of dreaming of an earthquake becomes a call to reflection on your own life. Analyze your actions and transform your negative emotions for more positive ones. It is time to recognize who you really are and move towards the person you want to be . Taking advantage of this dream warning depends on your inner strength to give a radical turn to your life and be happier .

But dreaming of an earthquake does not only speak of your interior, but it can be warning you of many other things. As we know, in the interpretation of dreams the context and vital moment of each person is very important, so the meaning of the dream will always be related to that aspect of your life that is most vulnerable at that moment .

Dreaming of an earthquake is sometimes an allegory of the consequences of an accident , so its meaning is related to tragedy , suffering and disease .

In other cases, dreaming of an earthquake symbolizes job or economic instability , as well as betrayals by coworkers. As you can see, an earthquake always implies a sudden change that you must face in the most positive way.

The different meanings of dreaming about an earthquake

It is clear that dreaming of an earthquake is a nightmare, but that does not mean that you cannot extract many positive things. Nobody wants to get close to death and destruction but we insist that, at least in the dream world, they are the steps prior to rebirth or reconstruction .

+ Dreaming that you see an earthquake on television

This dream in which you find yourself in the safety of your home watching on television how an earthquake devastates everything in another place is a reflection of the uncertainty that surrounds your life . You feel like everything is about to fall apart, but it hasn’t happened yet. What is this dream talking about? From a relationship crisis , from job instability or from a life crisis that will remove all your foundations.

+ Dreaming that you experience an earthquake

Have you ever experienced an earthquake? You don’t have to have actually experienced it to know the sense of terror it produces. Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes it is just an earthquake that shakes you for a few moments and then passes. Does this sound like anxiety to you ? Surely, because dreaming of an earthquake, most of the time symbolizes that insecurity that from time to time makes everything around you tremble.

+ Dreaming that an earthquake destroys your family’s house

It could be family , friends, or someone you really appreciate. The dream reflects your concern that the people who appear in your dream are going through certain difficulties in real life and you fear that everything will get worse. How can you help them? That is actually the question your dream is asking you.

+ Dreaming of the dead left by an earthquake

Sometimes earthquakes leave consequences as heartbreaking as the death of many people. And you cannot do anything to avoid it, but you can wake up and face the uncertainty, let go of the need to control everything because it is impossible for everything to go as you have planned. Do not worry too much about this nightmare because in no case is it a premonitory dream .

+ Dreaming of destruction after the earthquake

There has been an earthquake and it has devastated everything. Houses are destroyed , roads have been raised and some areas may have been cut off. What is the next step? Assess the damage, repair what you can, rebuild what is necessary, start over , build the place up again and fill it with life again. Do you think this is what you need to do with your life?

+ Dreaming that you die in an earthquake

Attention to this dream because it should set off all your alarms about your emotional state. You feel bad, your life is falling apart, you may not find meaning in your life and you may also be suffering from depression. If you have recently gone through a traumatic or painful experience, it is normal for you to have this dream and you should listen to it. Because it is true that you will die in the metaphorical and dreamlike sense of the term, not in real life. You will have to leave your life behind and be reborn from the rubble left by the earthquake.

+ Dreaming that there is an earthquake but you do not notice it

Of all dreams with earthquakes it is the only one that does not have a negative meaning. There is an earthquake around you but you are not noticing it. The ground does not wobble under your feet because you are in a moment of vital security in which you have accepted the uncertainty of life and you manage knowing that you have the necessary resources to get ahead in any situation.

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