Love spells that have nothing to do with spells

love spells that have nothing to do with spells

The ties of love are a kind of magic very special, as they attempt to change the will of the person they are intended. Therefore, we must pay special attention to how and for what they are done, because they have their dangers . If you want to learn how to make very different spells from conventional love spells , take note.

The most different ties to common spells

To make moorings that have nothing to do with the performance of the most common spells, you need two basic ingredients : satin ribbons of different colors and ropes . In each mooring we will use one of these two elements to ‘tie’ the ingredients .

+ Tie so that your partner does not leave you . Take a purple satin ribbon, a sprig of rosemary and a sprig of lavender, and two white candles. Light the candles and tie the two twigs with the ribbon. Then he pronounces: ‘we are one, we will not separate. As one we will live. ‘

+ Tie for a person to be declared . If you are in love with someone but this person does not dare to ask you for a date and you do not try this tie either. Light two pale pink candles. Take a personal object of yours and another of the other person and wrap them in a rope and then tie a very strong knot. Recite: ‘only one phrase you have to say, tell me you love me and I will be with you.

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