Nomophobia: smartphone addiction is a reality and how to deal with it

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Have you ever left your mobile phone at home ? If so, how did you feel when when you put your hand in your bag, you see that indeed, the mobile is not with you? It may just have made you angry and you forgot it after a few minutes, but for many people, this can turn out to be a real problem. 

If there is a technological device that we now always carry with us, that is our mobile phone . We can leave the tablet at home when we go to run errands, to work or for a walk. We also forget about the laptop when we leave the office, but who purposely leaves the mobile phone at home? Probably no one. The problem resides in those who suffer from anxiety with this episode and do not take it as something temporary.

Nomophobia, the irrational fear of not having a mobile phone nearby

For many people, forgetting the smartphone at home is something normal, just as sometimes we can accidentally leave our keys or wallet. That is, a setback that beyond making us angry, does not produce anything else.

However, for many others, the fact of not having their smartphones at any given moment is a real drama . In fact, it is a disorder diagnosed as nomophobia, and responds to the fact of feeling an irrational fear of not having this device nearby.

This anxiety about the phones is causing many people to develop a total dependence called nomophobia, which only makes us feel a need that will do us nothing but harm, since it is important to learn to disconnect.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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