Pros and cons of confessing an infidelity

pros and cons of confessing an infidelity

It’s not that your relationship was bad, it’s that you don’t know what happened, that one day you had a slip with another man. And maybe on some other occasion as well. And now your partner is suspicious, shows you alleged evidence and puts you between a rock and a hard place. If you are about to confess an infidelity , pay attention to the pros and cons.

Disadvantages of confessing an infidelity

In principle and if there is no news, an infidelity is never confessed , it is always denied. There is a scientifically proven theory that what is not told has never happened . So if you haven’t even told your best friend that you’ve slept with another man, you haven’t.

Because confessing an infidelity brings countless problems, relationship problems , problems with yourself, problems with your family if they also find out. It’s all trouble confessing a fling that should have been an exciting secret adventure . If you confess, your boyfriend is going to be upset.

You love your boyfriend and you don’t want him to get upset and have a hard time over a minor adventure. The displeasure of your boyfriend will lead him to anger, anger to a couple’s argument in which you will lose your roles over a topic as sensitive as infidelity and the discussion will lead him to break up with you, his unfaithful girlfriend in thought and deed.

Advantages of confessing an infidelity

Let’s be clear. There is no advantage to confessing that you have cheated on your partner . In fact, you should never do it. Being discovered in the middle of the job is something else, an embarrassing situation in which you don’t even have to confess. But confess, never.

There is only one positive part of declaring yourself unfaithful and that is the weight that is lifted off by carrying a dark secret behind your back. But that weight is the price you have to pay for having fallen into the nets of the flesh, of infidelity, and it becomes lighter not when you confess, but when you get used to being unfaithful.

That we are not promoting infidelity among seemingly happy monogamous couples , we are only raising the question of infidelity and its subsequent confession from a realistic perspective . You have a 90% chance that your boyfriend will leave you if you confess that you have cheated on him. And if you get the other 10%, you will live in a hell of guilt and forgiveness that is not so bad. Think before you confess.

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