Simple rituals to start you in love

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Are you looking forward to meeting your first love but it seems like the right person never shows up? If so, we suggest you try these two simple love rituals . The first ritual serves to let the Universe know that you are ready to meet someone special ; the second, so that if you already know him, he will also notice you. Take note

Rituals for a first love

To perform the first love ritual, take a sheet of paper and paint your name on it . You can do it with a pencil if you want but it is better to use paint such as watercolor or acrylic and a brush. Then draw a heart around your name. When it dries, fold the paper into four pieces (that is, make two folds) and put it in your pocket. Go to a nearby park or go out in the garden if you live in a chalet. Find an area about 20 meters wide, that is clear, and walk in a circle. Go through it three times while repeating in your head: ‘I’m ready for love, I want to meet that special someone. stop haunting my dreams and become real. ‘

The second ritual will help that person you like so much notice you for the first time. On this occasion, write his name on the paper following the same process as in the previous ritual. When you have your leaf ready, put it in your pocket and go to your nearest park or garden. There, lean your back against a tree and repeat to yourself: ‘look at me, I’m here, let your eyes rest on me. I want to be with you, kiss you and that you kiss me. ‘

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