Six curiosities about infidelity that you did not know

six curiosities about infidelity that you did not know

All about disloyalty as a couple

If there is a topic that interests us in relationships, it is infidelity. Sometimes deceived, other times we are unfaithful, we do not know very well what this widespread practice among couples is due to. We discovered 6 curiosities about infidelity , but we continue investigating.

Things you didn’t know about infidelity

Until scientists discover a cure against infidelity in the couple, we will continue to raise many questions. Monogamy seems like a difficult system to accept, but we strive to mate with only one person. And so the infidelities come later. We have discovered some curiosities about infidelity.

1 Genetic infidelity. It is not that infidelity is something that is inherited , but it does have a certain genetic component. Experts speak of a Casanova gene that could predispose a person to cheating on their partner.

2 Professional infidelity. Not only genes, but also the profession one chooses can increase the chances of being unfaithful. Attention to pilots, flight attendants and medical personnel because they are people prone to extramarital affairs.

3 Percentage infidelity. Some surveys affirm that 1 in 5 couples commit some infidelity in their first year of marriage. A fact that makes us rethink the criteria for choosing that person with whom we are going to share the rest of our lives.

4 Hormonal infidelity. It seems that women are more likely to be unfaithful during ovulation . So if some days you feel like you can’t stop looking at men other than your partner, don’t feel guilty. Is the nature.

5 Financial infidelity. According to statistics, having a good financial position also encourages the practice of cheating on your partner. So we better leave behind the old patriarchal advice of looking for a husband with money , than a poor man will love us more.

6 Guilty infidelity. About 70% of unfaithful people do not feel guilty for their slip, but they always find a justification for their deception. A lack of guilt and scruples that then does not prevent being able to ask for forgiveness in case of being caught in error.

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