The colors that give luck and favor Leo

the colors that give luck and favor leo

Strong and often the undisputed king of the place where he stands, this is the lion, one of the strongest and most charismatic signs of the zodiac. Leo has a great ability to socialize, but also to work for himself without the need for anyone to tell him what to do. They do not lack needs, since many times they have to rely on others to achieve their ambitions , but the lion is fair and capable of putting aside his own ego to thank those who have contributed and helped them to reach the top, Although most of the work has been done alone, you do not need to take credit from others.

It’s such a successful signthat their color could not be less than gold, practically the only one that looks great on them, since it seems that they are destined to succeed wherever they want to perform thanks to their charisma, talent and unmatched fighting ability.

The lion walks at a firm and sure step , he knows that everything that is around him could be his if he proposes it, but many times leisure leaves him lying down, despite the fact that they are quite hard-working, they will always look for a personal moment to rest and to be at ease marveling at all that he has accomplished.

Gold is the color that makes Leo stand out above all the others, despite not really needing it, since as said before, they shine with their own light . It is important then to emphasize that this color is related not only to money, but also to light, which is in direct connectionwith the ruler of the lions, the Sun himself. Children of the sun king, the felines will always have a central place where they go, but they could also be an important help for others who have succumbed to darkness and have extinguished their dreams and desires.

Leo will always encourage the people he loves or whom he esteems to achieve everything they have set out to do in life , so it would not be strange for many to try to feed on the light that the lion projects, even to the point of taking advantage of its good Will, but Leo is not stupid, he knows when they want to take advantage of their nobility and is always in charge of making others pay for that mistake.

The colors linked to fire are also within the tones that give Leo energy and good luck, so yellow and red tones could be an important part of his life , although they will always be more linked to the accessories part than anything else. , since Leo in himself is a very elegant person with refined tastes , especially when he has the economic means to satisfy his needs.

In summary , lions will always be close to success and the colors that bring them the best fortune dictate it, it will always be good to have an amulet or stone that is dyed in one of these shades or something made of gold..

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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