The definitive guide to forgive an infidelity

the definitive guide to forgive an infidelity

You lived happily in your relationship with your partner and suddenly one day you start to suspect that your boyfriend is cheating on you. You are not a jealous woman, so your suspicions have a firm basis and you end up confirming the infidelity. What is the next step? Either you leave your boyfriend or you forgive him. And we have the ultimate guide to forgiving infidelity , if that’s what you want.

Steps to forgive an infidelity

We must make it very clear that an infidelity is a deception no matter how you look at it. But in this life each one sets the standard of what is tolerable in a relationship in a different place. If you want to forgive your boyfriend because he cheated on you with another, follow these steps.

1 Confirmation. The first step is to make sure of infidelity, lest you have had a sudden and temporary fit of jealousy and you see ghosts where there are none. Once you have confirmed that yes, that your boyfriend has been unfaithful, you can go to the next box.

2 Analyze. Discuss the pros and cons of forgiving him for infidelity. Do it coldly, without being angry, without rancor and without a desire for revenge. If you are not yet ready to meditate without negative emotions , skip this step and move to the next box.

3 Compensation. Close your eyes and try to imagine your future as a couple. If you see yourself in a happy and empathetic couple , you can try again to analyze forgiveness. On the other hand, if when you close your eyes you imagine a future full of arguments and you see the shadow of another woman hovering in your head, it will be better that what you consider is the breakup.

4 Analyze again. Since you cannot imagine life without him and you are able to visualize yourself as a couple with chemistry despite the regrets, re-analyze the pros and cons of forgiving him. You will not be able to get out of this step of analysis until you feel in your heart that you will not only forgive him, but you will also forget the foreplay.

5 Forgiveness. It is the moment to truly forgive and you can commemorate such an event with a trip as a couple to strengthen the bond and forget the bitter drink as soon as possible. Or you may find that you really can’t, can’t forgive deception, in which case you’ll have to go back to point 2 like an endless loop.

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