The professions where there is more infidelity


One of the main problems that come between relationships is infidelity. Without going into theorizing about the convenience or not of monogamy, we are wondering which professions are more unfaithful . And we find a few surprises.

The most unfaithful professions

It would take a thorough anthropological study to understand this list of unfaithful professions and to understand why some jobs seem to have cheating on your partner in their pay . We do not know the reasons, but the situation is.

1 Health personnel. Doctors, nurses and other health personnel who work in hospitals have been revealed as the most unfaithful. It seems that the large number of hours they spend in the hospital encourages an inbred infidelity , since the adventures are had with co -workers.

2 Teachers. University professors do not lag behind doctors when it comes to infidelity. Perhaps because of what sleeping with a teacher is one of the erotic fantasies of so many students, there they are, waiting in the library to fulfill your fantasies.

3 Pilots and flight attendants. Although pilots are famous in the most unfaithful professions, it is the flight attendants who carve the wool. Both jobs encourage cheating on your partner because it is difficult to maintain some control over the schedule or even where your partner is.

4 Lawyers. It seems that the pressure of always having to prove that they are right is the cause of the love affair of lawyers, professionals who do not need to reach the corridors of the court to have an affair, since most of the time they find their lover in the office itself.

5 Psychologists Who could think that the guarantors of our emotional stability were on this list of infidels. But yes, psychologists have a tendency to infidelity and perhaps they have an advantage when it comes to solving this relationship problem once they are discovered.

6 Musicians In some way, infidelity is part of the work of musicians and not only to commit it, but it is the guild that is most forgiven for infidelity . It is as if it is taken for granted that musicians, in addition to applause, need the cuddles of their groupies.

7 Waiters. Hospitality professionals work with unusual hours that make it difficult to reconcile with a partner, but that facilitates meeting new and idle people. We already know that being idle at certain hours of the morning is a sure ticket to have sex with that attentive waiter .

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