This is the compatibility in love between a Cancer and an Aquarius

This is the compatibility in love between a Cancer and an Aquarius

Cancerians belong to the water element, while Aquarians are of air . But what does this mean? What are compatible or cannot be seen? To resolve all the doubts of those belonging to these zodiac signs , we asked the horoscope about the level of compatibility they have. This is how Cancer and Aquarians are compatible in love according to the horoscope.

Are Aquarius and Cancer compatible?

If there is a love as unexpected as it is intense, it is that of an Aquarius and a Cancer. In many cases, they did not even know each other, or for a very short time, when they fell in love. They are two signs of the zodiac that, although they are not as passionate as fire, for example, are guided more by their feelings , than by the head. Therefore they give themselves a lot. But when things go very fast, they do not usually have a very solid base, and that is what can happen to Cancerians and Aquarians: as soon as they are in love that they want to run away from their partner.

However, many Cancer and Aquarius couples manage to get around all the problems and forge, over time, a fairly solid relationship. Possibly they are not going to have a very calm relationship, since jealousy and the alleged infidelities of one and the other will always fly over the couple. They will be able to forget all the problems when they fully trust their love .

The water and the air are not the most compatible in love because they have different mentalities when it comes to the future . There will be those who need to make a quick commitment to feel comfortable in their relationship, while others prefer to take it easy.

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