Regain control and your strength when dreaming of tigers

dreaming of tigers

When animals appear in dreams they do not do so casually, but to inform you of certain aspects of your character and personality. This is the case of dreaming of a tiger, a dream that you can take advantage of to regain control and increase your strength. Discover in our dream dictionary all the meanings of dreaming about tigers .

Your character reflected in the tiger you dream of

To find the best interpretation of animals in dreams you have to pay attention to the symbolism of the animal. The tiger represents speed, ferocity, danger and that is something that you can extrapolate to your own character. If you feel full of strength and courage and you think that nobody can handle you, it is because you see yourself reflected in this dream. But there are more meanings.

Because you can dream of these animals as a warning from your subconscious to regain control, so that you are alert and regain all your strength. You are going to need it. Tigers also symbolize danger and perhaps in your life you feel that something is about to fail , fall apart or hurt you. Remember the tiger that you have inside to face any difficulty.

Dreams about tigers can also turn into a nightmare if the tiger chases you or attacks you. These types of dreams indicate that you feel vulnerable , attacked by close people who may be from your work, your family or your social circle. Use sleep to be forewarned and that no one can harm you, because you are stronger than you think.

Many people have dreams of newborn tigers that they care for, pet, and protect. In this case, the dream speaks of your instinct to protect others and that the protagonist of your dream is a tiger, it indicates that you are willing to do anything to protect your loved ones. It is generally a family dream that speaks of your closest core.

The different meanings of dreaming about tigers

We have already told you about some of the meanings of dreaming about tigers and, as you can see, they can be positive or negative dreams. For a more specific interpretation, it is necessary to know the details of the dream and also the vital context of the person who dreams it, but we note down some of the most frequent dreams with tigers .

+ Dreaming that you see a tiger in the distance

Surely after this dream you wake up with great energy because its meaning is related to the confidence you have in yourself . Nothing is going to resist you and you are very sure that you will be able to achieve your goals and overcome adversity.

+ Dream of small tigers

The dream with small tigers reflects a moment of personal development or growth . You know that you are going to achieve it, you know that you are growing and getting stronger and stronger, you know that you are going to become that mighty and brave tiger, but you also know that you are still on your way and that you still have a lot to learn.

+ Dreaming of tigers fighting

In this case the danger does not affect you because you are observing it. You are observing the fierce fight between two tigers although you do not know why it is happening. This dream reflects the uncertainty in your life , everything that is beyond your control, that sometimes scares you because you have no power over it but that at some point you will have to learn to accept it so that it does not affect you so much.

+ Dream of many tigers

Maybe it’s not a tiger, but a few of these animals that sometimes seem so dangerous . Whether the meaning of this dream is positive or negative will be determined by the emotions it conveys to you. Do you feel in danger among all those tigers or do you feel that you are protected?

+ Dreaming about feeding a tiger

Most people would not go near this animal, but you have not only approached it but are also feeding it. This dream speaks of a person who is fearless of anything , fearless and adventurous but at the same time protective of his loved ones.

+ Dreaming that you have a tiger as a pet

The size of your cat has gotten out of hand and it turns out that you have a real tiger sitting in your living room. It accompanies you to the kitchen, the bedroom and goes out with you to the terrace. You have a tiger as a pet! And that is very positive, at least in dreams, because it indicates that you are a daring and daring person , who does not get carried away by conventions, who knows what he wants and is going for it.

+ Dreaming that you kill a tiger

In dreams almost all animals have a side that represents danger and this is much more evident in the case of the tiger. We have already commented that the attack of a tiger in dreams speaks of betrayal or work problems, but if you kill that tiger, what happens? That the danger is over, that you have solved your problems and that now you have a clear path to move forward.

+ Dream that you are a tiger

Many times a certain metamorphosis occurs with the animals you dream of and you become one of them . If you dream of a tiger, try to collect all its strength and all its positive characteristics to wake up ready to achieve what you set out to do.

Aspects to keep in mind when dreaming of tigers

It may help you to understand the interpretation of your dreams with tigers to know more about the symbolism of these animals. Strength, courage and danger are the best known, but there is more. For example determination , the ability to excel , living passionately or tireless character . The tiger does not allow itself to be overcome by discouragement, it is an unstoppable animal.

But be careful because it is also an impulsive and unpredictable animal that can bring out its anger and demonstrate its ferocity when you least expect it. Do you have an explosive character ? Your dreams can give you the key to learn to manage those emotions that sometimes get out of control and hurt others.

But you can also stick with that symbolism of the good luck amulet or talisman tiger . A symbolism that comes directly from some Asian cultures that considered it a powerful animal capable of driving away evil spirits . And if you are not up to the task of believing in bad spirits, at least the tiger you dream of will help you get rid of bad vibes from your life.

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