This is the compatibility in love between a Sagittarius and the same sign

This is the compatibility in love between a Sagittarius and the same sign

When you are in love, you think that your current partner is going to be the love of your life. In your head you only see hearts, butterflies and other beautiful things. But what does the horoscope have to say about your relationship? The zodiac can help you to know which are the most compatible signs with yours based on the affinity of your personalities. And this time, we focus on finding out if a Sagittarius could form an enviable partner with a person of the same sign . We talk hand in hand with the horoscope about the compatibility in love of one Sagittarius with another.

Who is a Sagittarius compatible with?

According to the horoscope, a Sagittarius is a fire sign and, as you may have already read in one of our other articles, fires can get along with other signs of the same element, even though this is not the best combination. It is true that a Sagittarius could get along very well with another Sagittarius in bed. They share the same vision about love, which they perceive as a goal to achieve in the future but until then, they will enjoy every second of their lives like this. They also have the same idea of ​​how to face the future.

However, couples formed by two Sagittarius will constantly fight. The reasons for these discussions are usually silly and almost always related to day-to-day or coexistence . It is a very radical sign of the zodiac in its approaches as well as a bit stubborn, so it will be difficult for you to admit that your partner is right. They have a somewhat changeable mood and if they do not have patience with each other the sparks will end up burning the relationship.

Therefore, Sagittarians have a love compatibility with those of the same sign , but they have to learn to overcome certain obstacles with patience and affection.

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