Are Capricorns compatible in love with the same sign?

Are Capricorns compatible in love with the same sign

These are the horoscope predictions that Capricorns are eager to know. From what each zodiac sign is like , the horoscope can tell if two people are compatible. On this occasion, we focus on finding out if Capricorns are compatible in love . Would two Capricorns who are a couple get along?

Capricorn horoscope

A Capricorn belongs to the earth element and this defines his way of being and acting in the face of problems. It is a zodiac sign with which everyone can get along very well, because it is very friendly . However, if you don’t want a conflict, don’t go for the tickle. On some occasions, Capricorns are very temperamental and, when they get tired, they get all their bad milk . Luckily they have a lot of patience.

But how does this affect you as a couple? They are usually quiet relationships that do not have fights on a daily basis. But, endurance also has a limit, and when two Capricorns get angry, sparks fly. However, in general, Capricorns have a lot of compatibility with each other, so they can form a good couple. This will be very stable and, with few exceptions, very faithful. Capricorn is not a sign with a tendency to deception because it knows that if they were told such a lie, it would cause them a lot of pain.

Although he is also very compatible with the water signs, there is no one better than another of the same sign to understand a Capricorn . Although they are not very affectionate, they are the people who are always by the side of their friends when they need them. Capricorns who tend to have low self-esteem require the support of their partner at specific times. If he doesn’t have a space to himself, he can get overwhelmed.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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