Types of rituals that will help you be happy at work

types of rituals that will help you be happy at work

Do you have problems at work ? It happens to all of us from time to time. If you want your work situation to improve and go to your job every day with a smile, there are several types of magical rituals that you should know. Each one is designed to solve a common problem. You can do them all if you want, the only thing is that you must allow about 25 or 30 days between each one of them.

Rituals that will make you happy at work

+ Ritual for your superiors to value you more . Even if you like your job and think you are good at it, there are bosses who can make you feel like they don’t value you. To make them notice you more, you can do a ritual . In an outdoor place , surrounded by nature, gather in a white handkerchief a few sprigs of sage, rosemary and lavender . Tie the handkerchief and recite in a low voice: ‘every day I do my best, appreciate my effort and you will make me happy’.

+ Ritual to get along better with your companions . A good atmosphere in the office is essential to be happy at work . Take a sheet of paper and write the names of all those classmates who create conflict. Light a candle and pass the paper over the flame without touching it. Recite: ‘cleanse their hearts to bring peace’.

+ Ritual to get a job promotion . A new position of greater responsibility may be what you need to be happy at your job again. Take a gold jewel , if it can be a ring. Hold it in your hands and recite: ‘I am worth as much as gold and I want the position of (specify the title of the position here). I’m going to get it. ‘ He wears the ring every day for the next month.

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