What does it mean to always dream of the same person

always dream of the same person

The dream does not have to be a nightmare for you to wake up in the most restless and anguished. It happens when you always dream of the same person, a dream that you have many nights where a known or unknown person looks at you or talks to you. What do your dreams want to tell you? Discover in our dream dictionary all the meanings of always dreaming about the same person .

General meaning of recurring dreams about the same person

As surreal as your dreams are, they all have their meaning. The recurring dreams refer in most cases these unresolved issues , your concerns and your fears . Something is spinning in your head, although you may not have identified it yet. And that recurring dream in which you always see the same person only makes your restlessness worse.

Always dreaming of the same person is a dream that has different interpretations depending on what that person you dream of is doing and depending on who that person is. Because you can dream of a stranger , always the same, but unknown at the end of the day and then you can find the meaning of the dream in the fear of novelty . It is a dream that occurs before starting a new stage in life .

It may also be that the person you dream of is a known person, it is generally a dream with family members or with the partner and you should pay attention to the dream because it speaks of a certain feeling of inferiority or guilt towards that person. Check your self-esteem when you have this recurring dream about the same person because maybe you are letting others influence your life too much.

When analyzing the meaning of this dream with the same person, you must also take into account what that person does. Generally, the person just looks at you, watches you and soon turns into a nightmare that speaks of your insecurity in life . And if that person speaks to you, always the same person, wake up and pay more attention to those around you.

Why do you always dream of the same person

Recurring dreams with the same person contain the same part of restlessness as of surrealism . Because to a certain extent it can be normal for you to always dream of the same person whether it is your mother, your sister, your partner or even your ex, but what if the recurring person in your dreams is the waitress of a bar where do you go a couple of times a month? What if the recurring person is the fruit vendor in your neighborhood?

Anyone, known or unknown, can become a regular in your nights and there is no scientific explanation for this unique phenomenon. Now, that recurrence may also be causing it yourself . That is, if one night you dream of the bus driver, you are surprised by his presence in your dreams and you spend the whole day trying to find a coherent meaning, you are doing the best thing so that that person appears again and again as the protagonist of Dreams.

It is difficult to interpret these types of dreams because you have to take into account the context of what happens. But what you can’t lose sight of is the obsessive factor of meaning . That you always dream of the same person shows a problem or concern that is not resolved . And we already warn you that you are not going to stop dreaming about that person until you do an introspection exercise and untie that knot.

Now, it is not necessary to be alarmed either because sometimes it is not about important problems or fears that you have to overcome yes or yes. Sometimes it is simply a concern that is stuck inside you but if it does not affect your day to day, you should not pay too much attention to it. You already know that the more attention you pay to a concern, the bigger it gets.

The specific person you always dream of and their interpretation

As we say, and as you have seen, the people who may appear recurrently in your dreams can be the most surprising. But we are going to stay with the most frequent ones, with those people who insist on accompanying you in your dreams .

+Always dream about your ex

The star protagonist of recurring dreams is your ex. Who has not dreamed of an ex ? Who has not spent nights and nights waking up with a start thinking: is this person here again? And you wake up wishing he would leave you alone, but your ex continues to insist on your dream life. Why? Don’t start worrying about whether you haven’t gotten over the breakup or get to the point of believing that you want to get back with him. Perhaps it only goes to your dreams to indicate that you are ready to start a new stage of life .

+Always dream of your father

Another frequent protagonist in dreams is your father. The father in dreams represents authority and that figure to which you are supposed to be accountable. Always dreaming of your father indicates that you are living a moment in which you are doubting your decisions , in which you need the approval of others and in which the feeling of guilt predominates .

+Always dream of your mother

Your mother , any mother, represents unconditional love and that is precisely what you are looking for when always dreaming of your mother. It occurs at times when you have little support in life , little social life, and you are in need of love and understanding . This is how your mother becomes your regular dream companion.

+Always dream about your coworker

Many people are surprised when they always dream of a co-worker. They are streaks, you will not always dream of that same person, but you will for a season. All the season that lasts that feeling that you have of not giving the best of yourself , all the time that you are with that insecurity of feeling that you are not capable or all the time that you are doubting your abilities .

+Always dream of your best friend

You can also dream about your best friend or your best friend on a recurring basis. In this case, the dream invites you to do an introspection exercise to review how you relate to your environment , not only with your friends, but also with your family or with your coworkers. You may be looking for a trick to feel more secure and that is why you turn to a person you trust in the dream.

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