Where do Jackson Wang live now?

jackson wang

Jackson Wang is the richest member of Got7, with a net worth of $8 million, owing to lucrative brand sponsorships and his Team Wang fashion company.
He likes Fendi, Off-White, and Jimmy Choo, paid a high price for a US$5 million Hong Kong luxury property in 2019, and gave his father an Apple iPad Pro.Jackson Wang, a Hong Kong-born all-rounder, has been making waves in the Korean entertainment business since his debut in 2014.

Given his burden of solo activities and commercial sponsorships, it may come as no surprise that the singer-songwriter-producer is the richest member of Got7. But his net worth of $8 million is still a lot of money. So, how does he spend it, and how did he become so wealthy?

He is in charge of Team Wang’s management and operations.

Wang launched his own worldwide record company Team Wang in 2017, the same year he released his debut English-language tune Papillon. The song had a significant influence on the Chinese music business. He continues to release songs through his label and even topped Billboard’s Emerging Artists list in 2019. For his promotions in South Korea, Team Wang has also collaborated with Sublime Artist Agency.

In 2020, he debuted his fashion line Cookies – The Original as part of his merchandising business Team Wang Design, for which he is the primary designer and creative director. Many companies, including Fendi, Ray-Ban, Super X, and Monèt, have collaborated with the label.

He buys wonderful gifts for his friends and family.

Wang has a gift-giving heart, which demonstrates his close ties with his friends and family. In 2017, he spent $16,000 on a custom-made friendship bracelet for fellow Got7 member Mark from IF & Co. Jewelers. The bracelet was composed of solid 14-karat rose gold with 7mm white gold cuban link chains and white diamonds, and it came in a pair.

Wang also bought his father an iPad Pro for his birthday last year since he knew his father enjoyed viewing movies and videos on his phone and believed he would like a larger screen.


The idol has established himself as one of Got7’s most fashionable and noteworthy members, impressing admirers with his own flair and masculine attitude. Wang has been spotted wearing Fendi, Off-White, and Jimmy Choo clothing, as well as Team Wang memorabilia. One fan dissected the group’s clothes and determined that Wang’s ensembles are not unusual to cost several thousand US dollars — before jewelry.

Where do Jackson Wang live now?

Wang was widely believed to have purchased a residence in Hong Kong’s Union Square, Kowloon’s The Cullinan complex. The premium residential private housing complex is one of Hong Kong’s most expensive real estate locations, with glass curtain walls and views of Victoria Harbour. According to numerous media sources at the time, the 875 sq ft (81-square-metre) flat was purchased in 2019 for HK$38.8 million (US$5 million).


Wang is well-liked because of his wonderful nature. In 2019, he won a case against a detractor who uploaded defamatory information about him and gave the 60,000 yuan (US$9,000) settlement money to charity, claiming that the litigation was just to defend and preserve his character rather than to make money.

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jackson wang

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