Who is Jackson Wang dating 2021

jackson wang

Jackson Wang, a member of GOT7, is without a doubt one of today’s most gifted K-pop idols. This Hong Kong-born rapper is famous not just for his amazing talent in singing and dancing, but also for his gorgeous face and the way he handles himself in public.

As one of today’s eligible bachelors, many admirers are asking if Jackson Wang is now single. Is he secretly dating someone? Is he preoccupied with his job? Continue reading to learn more about this GOT7 member.

Who is Jackson Wang dating 2021

Jackson Wang’s GOT7 Relationship Status Has Been Revealed

Jackson Wang, according to rumors, is single and has no plans to date anytime soon. Even if his contract with JYP Entertainment expires, the GOT7 member has already stated that he has no intentions to date.

The “Pretty Please” singer said on Facebook Live that the main reason he doesn’t want to date is that he can’t take care of himself. GOT7 Jackson Wang stated that he would not take care of someone else if he could not take care of himself, even his parents.

Despite these assertions, Jackson Wang was nonetheless the subject of countless relationship rumors. Previously, the GOT7 member was linked to a rumored fashion influencer named Iris after they supposedly held hands in public. Photos and videos of the alleged sighting circulated online, and the term “Wang Jia’er and Iris” later trended on Weibo.

[GOT7 Jackson Wang] Formalized adverbial adverbi
(Image courtesy of GOT7 Jackson Wang’s Official Twitter Account)

Jackson Wang has also been linked to a girl named Kim Lee. The mysterious female fueled relationship rumors after leaving many strange remarks on the GOT7 member’s official Instagram profile.

However, it was eventually discovered that these reports were false. GOT7 member Jackson Wang even encouraged fans not to accept everything they read and hear online, adding that they should trust him and, if necessary, wait for his confirmation.

Most, if not all, fans are aware that JYP Entertainment used to forbid their artists from dating for the first five years after their debut. However, it was eventually amended to three years. According to reports, the claimed agency has a more permissive dating policy than others.

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