Where does Jin (Kim Seokjin), BTS member, live?

Who is Jin (Kim Seokjin), BTS member, dating 2021?

In the last period, the Korean-born musical group, BTS (Bangtan Boys), are depopulating on the net, but who are the young boys?

The boys live in the same city where they formed, the band is made up of 7 artists who are called: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkoo and Bang Si-hyuk, producer and founder of the group.

The band is famous all over the world and over the years the takings have been truly incredible.

Among the genres interpreted and sung by them are pop and also k-pop, but among the songs that surely everyone knows, also because it was then inserted as an accompaniment to a well-known advertisement for a telephone company, is ‘Dynamite’ .

In addition to the worldwide satisfaction, the President of South Korea awarded the children the Order of Cultural Merit. In short, even if very young, the boys promise really well.

Where does Jin (Kim Seokjin), BTS member, live?

Do you want to know where he lives, if he has his own apartment or if he shares an apartment with the other members of the group, like they did when they were younger?

In Hannam The Hill, Korea’s most costly apartment complex, group members share the same apartment. Located on Yonsan-gu Hill in Seoul, close to the Han River and Namsan Mountain. A 300-square-meter property with three bedrooms, two kitchens, and two baths costs $6.53 million. A gym, a swimming pool, and a golf course are all part of the complex.

Jin purchased an apartment, but it is unknown where she purchased it.

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