How to apply to Big Brother 2022

How to apply to Big Brother 2022

We’re at it again. The Great Frattel has returned. Creating season 23, the claustrophobic reality competition returns with 16 new players (ages 20 to 40) sharing rooms in a Monte Carlo / Miami-style BB Beach Club for a setting that feels more like one vacation than house arrest. This season, gambling is a significant motif, beginning with a double or nothing offer from host Julie Chen Moonves, which will almost certainly be too good to pass up.

Casting Big Brother 2022

To be considered, all applicants must be US residents and meet the eligibility requirements.


We advise all candidates to apply online at this time. While we expect to be able to hold open calls around the country in the future, it is critical that each person submits an application online in the event that this is not possible. Please check back frequently in case this changes and you get the opportunity to meet one of our teams in person at a local event.

How to apply to Big Brother 2022

Take the following steps.

1st step

Create a video (check out “video” tab on the site for some guidance). Prerecording a video is always a good idea so you can make sure you’re doing, saying, and being exactly who you want to be. However, if you want to do things “on the fly,” the site has a self-video recorder, so you can just wing it if that’s your style.
2nd Step

Save a recent photo of yourself as well as a video to your computer so that you can apply online with them.
3rd step

Fill out the online application completely and add your video and photo.
4th step

If we want to proceed forward with the casting process with you, we’ll send you an email.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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