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Alex O Loughlin is an Australian actor and director born on August 24, 1976 in Canberra, Australia. He is popularly known for his role as Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett in the remake of CBS ‘Hawaii Five-0 TV series.

He is of Irish and Scottish descent. In 2013 he was honored as Australians in Film Breakthrough Award for International Success. His father is a physics and astronomy teacher in Sydney and his mother is a nurse. As a child he suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder.


In 1999 Alex O Loughlin enrolled at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney and graduated in June 2002 after completing a full-time three-year Bachelor of Dramatic Art course. of Dramatic Arts), began his career in Australian television and film productions. Some of his television credits include roles in BlackJack: Sweet Science, ‘Love Bytes’ and ‘White Collar Blue’.

In 2004 he made his film debut in ‘Oyster Farmer’. He later appeared in Man-Thing, Feed and the Australian miniseries Mary Bryant’s Incredible Journey, for which he was nominated for Best Actor on Television at the Australian Film Institute Awards in 2005 and for Best Actor in a Logie Drama Series. Awards in 2006.

In 2005, Alex O Loughlin tested the screen for the role of James Bond. As he told an interviewer: “I met [the director] Martin Campbell here in Los Angeles at his office on the Sony [Pictures] lot and he asked me to fly to London to do some tests and we tried at Pinewood [Studios]. . It was the biggest on-screen test I’ve ever done. It was very complete. I had tuxedos and suits cut for it and hair cuts. ‘
Alex O Loughlin

In 2007 Alex O Loughlin joined the cast of ‘The Shield’ as detective Kevin Hiatt. He left ‘The Shield’ after winning the lead role on the CBS series Moonlight, where he played private investigator and vampire Mick St. John. Filming on Moonlight was cut short by the Hollywood writers’ strike. It was speculated that the series would be dropped, but fan pressure prevailed and the show was given four additional episodes to try and regain its audience share. Despite being the highest-scoring show in its Friday night slot, CBS hasn’t commissioned a second season. After its cancellation,

In August 2008, CBS signed a talent development deal with Alex O Loughlin as the star of a TV series to be developed by writer Mark Gordon, but it didn’t materialize. He was cast in the lead role in the CBS hospital drama Three Rivers, developed by producer Carol Barbee, which aired on Sunday nights in the 2009-2010 season.

On October 24, 2013, he was awarded the Breakthrough Award by the Los Angeles-based nonprofit Australians in Film.


  • 2004: Oyster Farmer come Jack Flange
  • 2005: Man-Thing come Eric Fraser
  • 2005: Feed come Michael Carter
  • 2006: The holiday as a kissing couple
  • 2007: The Invisible come Marcus Bohem
  • 2007: August Rush come Marshall
  • 2009: Whiteout come Russell Haden
  • 2010: The Back-up Plan come Stan
  • 2003: White Collar Blue come Ian Mack
  • 2004: Love Bytes come Dave
  • 2004: Black Jack: Sweet Science come Luke Anderson
  • 2005: Mary Bryant’s Incredible Journey as Will Bryant
  • 2007: The Shield come Kevin Hiatt
  • 2007-2008: Moonlight come Mick St. John
  • 2009: Criminal Minds come Vincent Rowlings
  • 2009-10: Three Rivers come Dr. Andy Yablonski
  • 2010-presente: Hawaii Five-0 come LCDR Steve McGarrett


Alex O Loughlin was in a relationship with Australian actress / singer Holly Valance, but they separated in February 2009. He had an affair with Malia Jones and got married in Hawaii on April 18, 2014.


Alex O Loughlin’s eldest son, Saxon O’Loughlin, was born in 1997 to a girl from whom he separated. In 2012, his son, Lion O’Loughlin, was born along with Malia Jones. She has another son, Spike Jones, Jones’s son from a previous relationship.


Interviewer: Friday’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 marks the first time you’ll be credited as a director in your career. How would you describe the experience of standing behind the camera instead of standing in front of it?

Alex O Loughlin: It was super exciting. It was very different in the sense that when I’m in front of [the cameras], I try to make all the cameras go away and all the weird people who keep things around me go away. That suspension of disbelief that is required as an actor to truthfully live in imaginary circumstances is different from what has to happen as a director in the sense that you are the master of all the moving parts. You create the world in every detail. But it was thrilling. It was great. It’s something that I really hope I can do more in my life because I really enjoyed it.

Interviewer: You ‘ve been in the industry for a while. Why did it seem like the right moment to take the big step in directing now?

Alex O Loughlin:I think my career is still a work in progress. There are a lot of things I want to do, so many people I want to work with, so many different opportunities out there as an actor. That’s a really good question. Basically, on this show, it took me years and years and years to reduce my workload to a point where I could even conceptualize something like directing, because it takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. I know myself – I don’t do anything in half – so I think I’ve done a hundred hours of preparation on this thing, almost like a bit of a psychopath; I was a little bit OCD with it. It was a coincidence that [the opportunity] came so late on this show. When I started out, I don’t think I’ve ever been a good actor – I’m not saying I’m a good actor now, but this show was an acting master class. I think I grew up as an actor on this show, [and] I wanted to do it sooner.

Interviewer: What was the most challenging part of directing?

Alex O Loughlin: The hardest thing for me was dealing with myself, to be totally honest. I didn’t prepare the acting as I would have liked or as I always do, so I was a little frustrated as an actor and also as a director. I had been running back and forth a bit since I was acting out a scene and then calling ‘cut’ and then going back to the monitor to watch my play replay, which I didn’t really care about. I just wanted to get out of the way so I could focus on all these great actors I was working with. I was annoyed by and with myself. [Laughs] But everything else was great.

Interviewer: This might be a tough question for you to answer, but how is Alex the director different from Alex the actor?

Alex O Loughlin: This is an interesting question. There are some big differences. When I work as an actor, I want to be left alone and have to go inward to get to the work I did, if it makes sense. But as a director, I’m much more sociable and run around [on set] – ‘Hey, I’m so glad we’re doing this!’ – fiddle with all the cameras and lights. It is not that I feel more like a collaborator when I direct, but I feel that the collaboration when you work as an actor is more silent, more unaware. You are a cog in the machine and only focus on your part. As a director, you’re focusing on all the gears and all the sums of the [whole] part.

Interviewer: You had the opportunity to direct important emotional beats in the episode, as well as a great action sequence and flashbacks with Scott. What was the hardest thing for you to do?

Alex O Loughlin:The second nature of action for me. I know how to do action and make it action. [Laughs] The thing that was most exciting for me was working with the actors. Working with [guest star] Joanna [Christie] and Daniel [Kaemon] was great. Being allowed to go down into the trenches with these actors where they live and do all their hard, dirty and emotional work and sit with them in silence and say, ‘Hey, listen, how do you feel about that? Do you trust me to take this [scene] this way? ‘That kind of thing was really cool because I’ve had that relationship on the other side with a handful of wonderful directors over the years who care about the human condition. I care about the story, man. I’m interested in the human journey.

Interviewer: We also see McGarrett playing guitar at the beginning of the episode, which is a nice nod for fans of the show, and you can share the scene with Jimmy Buffett. Talk to me during the filming of that moment.

Alex O Loughlin: Oh yeah, it was great! [Laughs] It’s funny, that Portuguese guitar: I’ve played guitar all my life, but it was impossible to play. So someone had to go in and string it like a normal guitar because none of us [had experience playing it]. I cheated a bit and asked them to set it up so I could sound like a human. It was fun. It was a weird and fun little moment having Jimmy Buffett barefoot in McGarrett’s office. It was nice. For the most part, it’s a pretty dense and serious episode, so those little bits are deeply important moments of relief.

Interviewer: In the April 13 episode, McGarrett’s ex Catherine returns to the fray. What can you tease about Michelle Borth’s return?

Alex O Loughlin: It was great to see Michelle and it was great to pick up where we left off. It’s a great action, travel episode with McGarrett and Catherine. It’s also nice to see these two sharing the same space for a minute and exploring how they feel about each other, how beautiful everything is [between them]. It was strange for a minute, the way she left – someone she’s about to be proposed to and who chooses a loyalty to government and national security. It was a big blow to McGarrett. I think this episode served as a delicate closure and restored the friendship between the two, which was really important.

Interviewer: Last time we spoke, you were adamant that Hawaii Five-0 season eight was the last. We are approaching the end of the season. Do you still feel the same way about your future on the show?

Alex O Loughlin: I’m opening the door a little bit. An important part of this is that my back injury is doing much better after my stem cell treatments. It’s a big deal when you hurt your spine; It’s one thing to blow your teeth or have torn ligaments and tendons, but that injury really scared me. A couple of years ago, part of my reality was that if things stayed that way, I couldn’t [do it anymore]. What will you do, Ironside? Did you put me in a wheelchair? That guy has changed a bit. It is the end of a very long season and we are almost 200 episodes. It’s hard for me to think about going back to work right now, but I’m open to negotiations. Haven’t heard much but yes, I’m open to that.

Interviewer: Could there be a situation where former stars Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park have returned at some point for a final goodbye? Have there been internal discussions on this?

Alex O Loughlin: I haven’t heard any speeches on any of these things. All I know is that they are gone and we have two great new young actors who want to be here. It made kind of a difference on the show. We had a long relationship with those other guys and they decided they didn’t want to be here anymore and now we have two people who want to be here. I don’t know what it’s like on the outside and I don’t even read all the news, but from the inside it was a fascinating adaptation. This is probably one of the reasons why I am more willing to return too.

Interviewer: So would you be interested in discussions for a potential ninth season? (Note: CBS has yet to renew Hawaii Five-0.)

Alex O Loughlin: I’m much more open than before, but again, I don’t know if we’re close to closing a deal, so it might not happen. So we’ll see.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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