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Illinois-born web content creator Andrew Siwicki is known for being a cinematographer and actor who made a splash on Vine before gaining more follow-up on Snapchat and Instagram.

Siwicki graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2016. During his time at the institute, he was the student manager of the men’s and women’s golf program, as well as the men’s basketball team. After graduation he worked as an intern for Lily’s Talent Agency, Demi & Cooper Advertising and William Morris Endeavor.

Subsequently, he joined Vine as a content creator. here he gained a huge following of fans. as a result, it expanded its online platform by acquiring snap chats and Instagram accounts. Andrew found even more success because he gained more fans. Today he is known for his collaborations with other Internet personalities Garrett Watts and Shane Dawson. Additionally, Siwicki is also a freelance music producer.


Andrew Siwicki was born on August 7, 1992 in Illinois, Chicago, USI. He celebrates his birthday every year on August 7th.

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Where is Andrew now?

Siwicki creates and shares videos on her youtube channel.

Andrew has a youtube channel?

No it does not.



After doing our research, details about her parents are unavailable and it is not known if she has siblings.


At the moment, Andrew is likely single and not in a relationship. However, in the past, he dated choreographer Megan Batoon, who is about 2 years older than him. In addition to this, it has also been speculated that he was involved with Gabbie Hanna when he was featured in one of her videos. However, neither has ever confirmed the rumors.


Height; ft in ‘(meters or cm) -6 feet (1.8 m).

Weight; Pounds (pounds) – Not available

Shoe size; – Unavailable

The shape of the body ; -thin well built

Hair colour; – Brown

Eye color – Brown


Details on Siwicki’s salary have not yet been disclosed. However, information on how much you earn will be updated as it becomes available.


Content creator, Siwicki, has an estimated net worth of $ 300,000,000 which he earned through his successful career as a director on several TV series, his average annual salary ranges from $ 27,000 to $ 59,000, he generates from Instagram as social media $ 3.2k to $ 5.4k per post.


First, Siwicki began her internship at reputable companies such as Demi & Cooper Advertising, Lily’s Talent Agency, and William Morris Endeavor. Through the vines, she subsequently began her career in social media. Andrew loves shooting and editing and has thus earned a position as one of the internet’s top content creators, director of photography and actor.

He started out by making hilarious videos and posting on Vine and was successful on the platform before it closed. Siwicki then switched to other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat and performed very well. As of 2019, it was assumed more than 1.4 million followers on his official Instagram account. Andrew Siwicki is a member of the popular Snapchat Star list.


Who is Andrew Siwicki?

Siwicki is an American web content creator.

How old is Andrew Siwicki?

Siwicki is 27 years old in 2019.

How Tall Is Andrew Siwicki?

Siwicki stands at a height of 6 feet.

Is Andrew Siwicki married?

He is neither married nor engaged.

How much is Andrew Siwicki worth?

He has an estimated net worth of $ 300,000.

How much does Andrew make?


Where does Andrew Siwicki live?

He lives in Chicago in the United States.

Is Andrew Siwicki dead or alive?

Siwicki is still alive and in good health.

He was born under the zodiac sign of Leo.

Is Andrew Siwicki a cameraman?

Indeed it is! The cinematographer owns thousands of dollars worth of expensive laptops and cameras

What nationality does Andrew Siwicki belong to?

belongs to American nationality.

Was Andrew dating Megan Batoon?

There is no tangible evidence to rule out that the two were dating, only speculation was circulating about their secret romance, however, neither of them came out to affirm or deny the rumors.

Does Andrew work with Shane Dawson?

Andrew Siwicki was Shane Dawson’s cameraman. Lately the couple have been working notably on Shane’s hugely successful documentary series, shooting videos with people like Tana Mongeau and Jeffree Star. Also, Shane Dawson and Andrew Siwicki are two of the best directors of our day.

Is Andrew related to Scotty Sire?

Scotty Sire recalls a more outgoing version of Andrew Siwicki, Shane’s cameraman. they are both super cute that you would think they were the same person. Of course, they’re not even related, Scotty Sire is a recording artist and digital creator whose debut album, Ruin Your Party, was released in October 2018.

What is Andrew Siwicki’s favorite TV show?

He revealed his love for movies and TV shows. Her favorite movie is Obsessed (2009) and she loves watching the late night talk show Conan O’Brien Presents: Team Coco.

Does Andrew keep pets?

The social media star loves animals especially dogs and really enjoys their company.

What is Andrew Siwicki’s hobby?

In his spare time he plays video games, especially Gran Turismo. Additionally, he has shown his persistent interest in baseball and basketball as he watches them at his leisure. His favorite baseball player has been found to be David Freese and he supports the Chicago Bulls. He also loves sweet, melodic music and loves listening to his favorite composer Luke Weiting.

What other things does Andrew do to make a living?

Siwicki is not only involved in content creation but is also a freelance, music producer and also has an account on Sound Cloud.

Has Andrew Siwicki worked with other YouTubers?

Siwicki has worked with many ‘YouTubers’ and ‘Viners’, including Garrett Watts, Gabbie Hanna and Shane Dawson. Most of the time, Andrew allows his friends to create and edit content on their channels.

Is Andrew Siwicki having an affair?

Siwicki is likely single as she has not yet publicly shared any news of her relationship with anyone.

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