Who is Ed Quinn’s Wife? Meet Heather Courtney-Quinn

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Ed Quinn, who also happens to be the President of the United States, plays Victoria Franklin’s compassionate, caring husband on film. The Oval documents the rigorous work that goes into preserving a public image, as well as the less-publicized personal challenges that come with the presidency. But what about in the actual world?

We set out to find out who the real-life Victoria is to Ed’s Hunter. What is the name of Ed Quinn’s wife?

In 2008, Ed married the lady of his dreams, capping off a busy and chaotic year that saw him make his first major breakthrough as an actor. Just as the filming of three films, One Hogan Place, The Rainbow Tribe, and Living with Abandon, came to a close, he began dating Heather Courtney. How did the actor find time to set up dates and begin a new relationship? It’s a mystery. However, judging by the actor’s passionate character, a time deficit is hardly the biggest barrier he had to overcome.

Heather Courtney-Quinn, Ed Quinn’s wife, who is she?

While Ed’s talents shine most when he’s in front of the camera – the actor has been in the business for 20 years, prior to which he worked as a high-profile model who travelled the world and made a livelihood shooting commercials — Heather prefers to play supporting roles.

Heather established a diverse portfolio as a movie producer, attesting to a wide range of interests. Take, for example, The Mexorcist, a 2013 horror film about a long-retired exorcist’s sudden return to his chosen profession in the wake of his brother’s cruel, cold-blooded murder and his subsequent, pitiless revenge on the killers, a bunch of nasty Mexican criminals.

Un-Broke: What You Need to Know On Money, which she produced for the first time in 2009, is a television show that teaches viewers about the significance of having a rational, well-considered approach to financial matters.

What about Heather’s early days in the industry?

Heather’s professional journey began with CAA, where she was a member of the talent development team. She then went on to work for Bel Air Entertainment’s movie department before signing with George Tillman’s State Pictures. In 2006, she joined Will Smith’s film production firm, Overbrook Entertainment.

While at the firm, she developed some of her own concepts, including I Hate Pink, a teen drama about a young woman’s unresolvable disputes with her mother – this is a stretch, but might this be a satirical take on Pretty in Pink? – Jim Rome, a sports figure, is the subject of a half-hour film.

Is Ed similar to Franklin from The Oval in real life?

It’s exceedingly improbable. While the actor plays an incomprehensibly powerful, strong-worded, multi-faceted politician with an unexplainable gift for delivering sentimentally charged, motivational speeches, his real life is likely to be a little more low-key.

The Oval, on the other hand, makes an attempt to present a likeable, approachable portrayal of the world’s most powerful people, taking us behind the scenes of the world’s most complex political, bureaucratic, and administrative system.

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