‘Loki’: Who is Alioth, the new character from episode 5?


Let’s see if it is going to turn out now (wink, wink) that the Time Variation Agency is not as evil an entity as they have wanted us to paint it, although it is not that they are charity sisters either.

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If you’re looking for who Alioth is, the ravenous new character from episode 5 of the Loki series , it’s not because he wasn’t explained well enough in episode 5, but because you want to know how he fits into the Marvel Universe. It is the monster, the temporal beast, that destroys everything it touches, that feeds on everything that falls into the void to which all events and beings erased by the Time Variation Agency end up . You know who created the Time Variation Agency and where whoever the creator (or creator) is. If Sylvie’s (Sophia Di Martino) enchantment works, it will take them to whoever is behind it all.. For now this is more than enough for viewers to follow the story. Think that the series is designed for anyone to understand without having to read comics for decades. So that explanation, yes, enough. The Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant) already says it: “This is the void, this is Alioth and we are his lunch.” Now, this kind of tastes like little, right? In the comics Alioth is connected to Kang, the conqueror, the character that fans are convinced is the great villain behind the Loki series.. And the funny thing is that it introduces an interesting nuance: Kang does not create it, nor does it control him, but rather contains it (for his own interest). In the comics, this monster reaches Kang’s domain and Kang creates a temporary barrier. The consequence is that Kang in the battle ends up in a coma, Renslayer (in the form of Terminatrix) becomes the queen of Kang’s dominions and soon releases Alioth to see what happens. Yes, a big-nosed mess. Does this connection in the comics mean that Kang also put a brake on Alioth in the Loki series?And who will introduce us to the new character in the final episode of the series? Does this mean that the Time Variation Agency was actually created to feed a beast that managed to stop its feet? These, I think, are the questions that episode 5 raises.

The problem with Kangis that its history in the comics is so complex, that it cannot be transferred at a stroke to the last chapter of Loki, not to mention that, again, it would be to make a Mephisto like a cathedral in Burgos. It would be extremely confusing to inject the entire history of the time traveler in the last episode while subtracting, due to its weight within Marvel, the rest of the characters. The logic of the Marvel movies so far is that whoever is behind Alioth is probably Loki himself. I mean a variant of Loki. And, I, although I have fallen (platonically) in love with Sylvie in an irremediable way, I continue to suspect her nexus event and her, like that, in general. That or that it was Ravona herself and that she simply does not remember. It would even have a pass and that there may be a Mobius variant or that the Mobius we know is the variant and there is an original Mobius? Marvel has gotten used to not introducing new main characters (which, be careful, not new characters, that’s our friendValentina Allegra de la Fontaine to corroborate it) to solve a story. That is why the Agent of Power is Sharon Carter and not the original character from the comics.

It is true that there is a possibility: as, in the end, series and films are more and more connected, something can be dropped in the post-credits. If Kang is introduced, you have to simplify the story to its core, but it would not make much sense that as the villain or main responsible: that he is an evil time traveler, that Ravona was his love interest, that Kang is still in a coma and that Renslayer is the one who set up the AVT and then erased his own memory. It is a theory, of course. The AVT would be like a nursery for mice to feed the Alioth snake. And, of course, the AVT must be destroyed. The series is supposed to be about the concept of identity, about how we can change, about how there is free will in choosing who we are at all times. That, if I have learned anything (which may not) is Loki’s journey. The right thing to do is destroy the AVT, even if you gain nothing from it, even if there is no glorious purpose. And from there Loki has to see what he does and remains who he has decided to be.

The big problem with Kang is that at the same time it was introduced, it would reduce the character of Gugu Mbatha-Raw to the category of secondary character subordinated to a male character, and it does not seem that the shots of the new Cinematic Universe are going there. Marvel. You’ll see when you see Black Widow .

And then, of course, there are the fans who claim that it is Doctor Doom who is in the castle that hides behind Alioth in the final scene of episode 5. If that castle is the Palace of Death in Latveria, turn off and let’s go. I still think that Kang and Death would be two Mephistos.

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