Who is Ian Cranston, killer of Barry Washington Jr. ?

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In Bend, Oregon, a white manufacturing worker shot and killed a young Black guy after reportedly praising and asking his girlfriend out.

Who is Ian Cranston?

In a gunfight on September 19, 2021, Ian Cranston, 27, was arrested and charged with the murder of 22-year-old Barry Washington Jr.
After Washington talked to Cranston’s girlfriend Allie Butler, the two men got into an argument outside The Capital pub.
“It is believed that the initial encounter between Barry and Mr. Cranston occurred when Barry praised Mr. Cranston’s girlfriend,” said Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel.

He did, however, add, “There’s no indication that Mr. Washington did anything wrong when he approached the woman.
He was not accused of groping her, grabbing her, or being obnoxious with her.
In a courteous manner, he praised her.
Back then, she was fine.
“She said,” she said “Thank you, but no.
I appreciate the compliment, but I’m in a relationship.”
There is no claim that anything Mr. Washington did was improper.”
Cranston was “not happy” with the interaction, according to Hummel, and subsequently had a spat with Washington outside.
The 27-year-old bullet-factory employee eventually pulled out a pistol and fatally shot Washington.

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Who is Allie Butler? Ian Cranston’s girlfriend

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