Who is Greg Zecca? Dog the Bounty Hunter’s step-son

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Greg Zecca, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s step-son, has gone famous on the internet after a video of him talking about his stepfather’s quest for Brian Laundrie went viral. Gabby Petito’s mother has given them permission to apprehend Brian, according to Zecca. The 23-year-old Florida native has been missing since September 14, and Dog the Bounty Hunter, whose actual name is Duane Lee Chapman, has begun his own investigation with the authorities.

In the instance of Gabby, who went on a cross-country vacation with Brian in July, Brian has been labeled a person of interest. The couple had been dating and engaged for a while before calling it quits. Brian, on the other hand, returned to his North Port house alone on September 1 and told no one of Gabby’s whereabouts. The 22-year-old woman’s family reported her missing ten days later, and her remains were discovered on September 19 within a national park in Wyoming, in a terrible turn of events.

“Teton County Coroner Dr Brent Blue confirmed the remains are those of Gabrielle Venora Petito, date of birth March 19, 1999,” the FBI’s Denver office stated in a statement on September 21. The method of death is first determined to be murder by Coroner Blue. The reason of death is yet unknown pending the findings of the autopsy.”

While the investigation continues, authorities are now seeking for Gabby’s boyfriend, who went missing just a day after being designated a person of interest in the case. An arrest warrant has also been issued in his name when it was discovered that he allegedly used Gabby’s debit card. According to the warrant, the young man used the card in Wyoming and elsewhere “on or around August 30, 2021, through and including on or about September 1, 2021” and “obtained goods of value amounting to $1,000 or more.”

Who is Greg Zecca?

Now, Zecca has provided an update on the search operation, appearing to be speaking on a podcast. Chapman’s stepson is Zecca. “34, Parker, Colorado, Father, Bounty Hunter, Podcaster, Small Business Owner, Adventurer, American, Man, Iron Council – BT Sentinel,” his Instagram bio reads.

His website,, identifies him as “Father to my 9-year-old son Anthony,” and continues, “I take pleasure in my hard work and coming from a rough past has moulded me into the man I’ve become today.” My objective is to highlight the unsung heroes in our community that are making a difference, and to not allow anything stand in their way.”

“We have Gabby’s mother’s blessings to go grab this man [Brian],” Zecca stated in the Twitter video. So, in Dog’s opinion, that’s it, and it’s on. So nothing will stand in his way, nothing will prevent him from achieving his best. Of course, there are a lot of speculations out there that he went to Cuba, Mexico, or Canada, so there’s a lot of speculation.”

“They close the sighting in Tennessee was fake,” he said in the video, which has been seen over 40k times. The local police and authorities were able to track down this individual and get their eyes on him, confirming that it was not Brian.”

“So, we’re hoping he wasn’t in Tennessee, but there’s still a chance he’s in Boone since he brought his grandfather out there and there’s been a lot of sightings.” But, once again, we must begin at the beginning and attempt to find a track and a path to follow. We must be patient and work hard, and I assure you that we are doing everything we can. We only get a couple of hours of sleep every night and on the boats when we can,” Zecca added.

“That is not accurate about it being a bogus claim Brian is in Tennessee….not sure where he got that from…..I debunk this Gregs debunk,” one user commented in response to Zecca’s recent update on the search attempt. “No disrespect to Dog and his family and law enforcement, but if I saw that p.o.s. brian laundrie, I’d rather contact Gabby’s father and step father first and let them determine their future steps,” another tweeted. “Thank you so much for keeping us informed!! “God bless you all,” added the third user.

“Del u rock!” someone said. Thank you for keeping us informed about this case. Thank you very much!” “It’s wonderful you’re looking, but this man is hiding,” said another. I’ll have to track him down while he sleeps, whenever that may be.”

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