Who is Myrla Married at First Sight Season 13? Instagram, bio and all we know

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The newlyweds have returned! Married at First Sight will return with season 13 — and a three-hour premiere — following the most-watched season ever.

This season, 10 singles in Houston, Texas, go to the altar in the hopes that the experts have matched them with their ideal partner. If they haven’t already figured it out, they won’t until they say, “I do.”

The first Asian-American couple is featured in Season 13, and fans will get to see them celebrate their marriage with a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony. Plus, everything is larger in Texas, as the press release suggests, and that includes the drama as “one spouse gets caught in a scenario that no one saw coming.”

Each week, two-hour episodes will follow the pair from their wedding day and night through their beautiful honeymoon to their first days and nights as a married couple in the real world. After a few weeks, each couple will have to decide whether they want to stay together and work on their marriage or file for divorce.

Season 13 of Lifetime will premiere on Wednesday, July 21 at 8 p.m. ET.

Who is Myrla from Season 13 of Married at First Sight?

Myrla, a 34-year-old Texas native, is a leadership coach who recognizes that specialists know what they’re doing when it comes to matching people with their ideal partners, including herself.

These new cast members are hoping to meet the mate they’ve always wanted with the assistance of relationship professionals and reality TV magic. Until the day they say, “I do,” none of the couples will have met or had contact with one another. (It’s not like there’s any pressure, right?) Following that, cameras will accompany the couples as they negotiate their new relationships, including honeymoons and other elements of married life such as meeting family members. After a few weeks, they must decide whether they want to be together or call it quits.

Jamie Otis, who married the guy she was paired with, Doug Hehner, in Season 1, was pleasantly pleased by how wonderfully the nerve-wracking procedure worked out for her. In 2015, she told UpfrontNY, “I was not at all interested in my new spouse.” “He was kind enough, but there was no chemistry. There isn’t any link. That was a major indication to me. I simply thought it wouldn’t work out. I was pleasantly pleased by how well this procedure worked. I’m very glad I was able to be open-minded, and I’m grateful to the professionals for providing me with my husband.”

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