3 effective rituals with colored candles to attract love, health or money

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Spells that will help you have more love, money or health in your life

The colored candles are great allies when to perform all kinds of rituals . Light is what attracts that energy that we need to change completely. A spark of energy that makes us focus on the path we are looking for. Love, money or health , everything is possible with one of these rituals with colored candles . Take note of how to put them into practice in order to obtain what you want to achieve.

Very easy and effective rituals with colored candles

1 Ritual of love with red candle

Red is the color of love and passion, in order to perform this first ritual we need a prepared red candle . In addition to some more materials that help us focus all our attention on what we most want to achieve. Let love come into your life, dare to perform this ritual of love with a red candle .

Materials :

  • Red candle
  • 1 sheet of paper
  • 1 pencil
  • Red thread

How to perform the ritual of love with a red candle :

1. Write your name and the other person’s name on a piece of paper . Cut the paper and with the help of the red thread tie it to the red candle.
2. Light the red candle at 00:00 on a new moon night . Repeat your names three times.
3. If you are not in love with anyone, simply write down the qualities you want that person to have .
4. Repeat the process until the candle is completely burned out, night after night, a total of seven nights .

2 Green candle money ritual

Green is associated with money and it is for this reason that we are going to use a candle of this color for a very simple ritual. These are difficult times in which we need to obtain the maximum possible benefit. Although it may seem impossible, there are times when opportunities are in front of us, although we do not see them. Take note of this ritual that can change your life .

Materials :

  • Green candle
  • 7 coins
  • 1 bay leaves
  • 1 glass jar with lid

How to perform the money ritual with a green candle :

1. This ritual is performed on a night with the crescent moon . We light the green candle.
2. We place the seven coins in a pot while we think about what we want to attract economically.
3. We repeat over and over again, money comes to me now and here . Either I am creating a wonderful career future.
4. When the green candle has been consumed, place the bay leaf in the glass jar and the remains that are left.
5. Cover the jar and place it under the bed , wait for the money to come into your life or that job opportunity you need to materialize.

3 Health ritual with a white candle

The health is a precious commodity that escapes at times. To keep it under control, a correct diet, physical exercise and medical supervision, although we can always give it a little push with a white candle to help us . The light from this candle is what will end up giving rise to great transformations.

Materials :

  • White candle
  • Paper sheet
  • Palo santo incense
  • 1 glass of water
  • Shall
  • Vinegar

How to perform a health ritual with a white candle :

1. The white candle is the light of this ritual, the point of attraction of the positive. Turning it on will help us find that enlightenment we are looking for.
2. On a sheet of paper we write what we want to achieve . We burn it in the candle and put the remains in a glass of water .
3. We add a tablespoon of salt and vinegar . We focus on the health we want to achieve.
4. Finally, with that water from the glass that has all the power of our desires, we wash our hands and place them on our weak points .

What do you think of these rituals with candles to attract love, health or money ? Are you going to do them? Let us know in the comments!

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