Birthday rituals to attract happiness and good fortune: how to

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Birthday rituals to have joy and good luck 365 days a year

Going around the sun again is synonymous with joy. The birthday is the time of year when our energy is highest. The planets teach us again the path that we started a certain number of years ago. We look for symbols in those years, when, in reality, in addition to blowing out the candles making a wish, we can have the power and the ability to completely change our environment. In addition to preparing the party with candles, a good dinner and a cake, we can start doing some of these birthday rituals . With them, we can attract happiness and good fortune all year round starting from the date of our birthday and letting the new return to the sun be as comfortable and joyful as possible.

Birthday rituals with lentils

Lentils have been used since the beginning of human history as coins or symbols of money and happiness . We are going to create a ritual to attract happiness based on this ingredient that we use in the kitchen and is part of a series of traditions that come from far away.

How to do the birthday ritual with lentils :

1.This type of ritual consists of getting as many lentils as we are years old . One by one we are going to count them on the same birthday.

2.We will give each of the lentils a power , we can ask for some wishes or as we put them in the envelope, visualize what we want in this year that we are starting.

3.We light the candle and incense while closing the envelope. We put the number of years we have been written on the outside of the envelope.

4.We let the candle and the incense burn out , we put some incense and the remains of the candle in the envelope.

5.This envelope will be under our bed all year long. We can place it under the mattress .

6.When our next birthday arrives, we take out the lentils and plant them . We will let them bear fruit or germinate.

Attract happiness on your birthday with this ritual with leaves

Nature is a source of happiness and joy , there is no better way to connect with it than with the leaves of the trees. On our birthday we are going to use some leaves that, surely we have nearby or we can get them with special ease, we will look for laurel leaves . This tree has been for thousands of years the symbol of success and triumph. These elements, the trees, are what connect with the interior of a universe that we rarely see in the proper way. Under our feet or in front of our eyes everything flows the way it should. Nature does not need anything to be what it is, it has everything and it shows it in each of its steps.

Materials :

– 12 bay leaves .

– Paper.

– Ballpoint.

– Sailing.

How to do a ritual to attract happiness with laurel :

1. We can get bay leaf fresh or dry , that is, they sell dry leaves in most supermarkets, but it will always be better to get a fresh leaf. The power may be the same, but we will be able to write better and burn the laurel in a different way if it is fresh or dry.

2. On each of the 12 sheets we will write what we want in the months that involve this new return to the sun.

3. Think about what will come and begin to give an appropriate role to each of them. Happiness depends in each person on a series of elements that can change as the year progresses.

4. When you have written your wishes, you can write them in more detail on a sheet of paper , leaving only the keyword on the sheet.

5.It is important to give the universe all the keys , write in great detail each of the wishes that you have written on a laurel.

6. Put a number or stay with the month in which what you ask of the universe should reach you.

7. When the ritual is ready, save the leaves and burn the paper in the candle . Blow the ashes out of the paper in the wind on your birthday .

8. In this way, you will be able to see each of the wishes arrive . As a new month is fulfilled, burn a leaf the corresponding new moon .

9. At the end of the cycle you will have burned the 12 leaves and you will be able to see how your wishes arrive throughout this period.

Birthday ritual with water

On our birthday we are going to purify our environment , in this way we will be energetically prepared to obtain what we need to see materialize. Water is a powerful cleanser , the source of all life and an essential element for life to be as we know it. We are going to create the perfect ritual with water to end up obtaining everything we need to take a walk in the sun with a smile, eliminating what we do not need in our life. Happiness is ultimately the absence of any pain or negative element, this ritual is, therefore, totally necessary to achieve what we need: happiness and fortune.

Materials :

– Water.

– Vinegar.

– Sal.

– Paper.

– Pencil.

How to do a ritual with water on our birthday :

1. To create the environment we need, to clean up everything bad that has happened around us, we are going to do our best to achieve it. The ritual that eliminates all the bad that happens around us is essential that it is totally connected with our being. We are going to make it the new moon before our birthday . We will mark the end of a cycle in this way and the beginning of another that will last until the next new moon that will arrive in a few days.

2. We can do this ritual once a month following the same guidelines, until it is our birthday.

3. We prepare the bathtub , if we do not have it we can use a bowl with water in which, at least, our feet will fit.

4. We add two tablespoons of vinegar and two of sea salt . These two elements are powerful cleaners that can end any negative energy that we have dragged during these days.

5. While we bathe, we write down the negative elements that we want to eliminate in order to be happy and lucky .

6. We must be immensely sincere and have perfectly analyzed our life before starting this ritual. We write, for example, to be more in shape, if we need it, but always from the perspective of remedying something that we do not like or that does not make us happy. If a cause of unhappiness is our body, we must be prepared to take the step and start from scratch to make some changes .

7. While we write and bathe or have our feet soaked , we think about the bad , that is, the body or the part of the body that we want to change.

8. Once you’ve created the realistic and transforming list you want, you submerge it in the water , let it disintegrate in it.

9. Pick up the wet paper and get out of the water. That paper will completely disintegrate and wipe out all that negative energy you’ve seen come into your life.

10. In this way you will arrive at your birthday with your body and mind ready to start a cycle of happiness and fortune without what you do not like or need in your life.

Did you like these birthday rituals ? Leave us your comments with the results if you dare to put them into practice.

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