Dream of vomiting to eliminate your discomfort

dream of vomiting to eliminate your discomfort

As incredible as it may seem, some unpleasant dreams can help you find yourself better. This is the case of dreaming of vomiting, a dream that you can take advantage of to find the source of your discomfort and expel it as in your dream. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of vomiting .

How to make the most of your vomiting dreams

There is no doubt that dreaming of vomiting is a most unpleasant dream and that its interpretation does not bode well. You vomit when you are sick , when you are nervous , when you are distressed or when you are afraid . And you also vomit when something has made you wrong .

With this in mind, you can forget that dreaming of vomiting is a nightmare and use it to feel better. Because once you throw up your fear, your illness, or your nerves, you start to feel better. Vomiting in a dream is an opportunity to eliminate all the negative and begin to see your situation from another perspective.

This dream about vomiting is quite common in hypochondriacs who fear getting sick at any time and for anything. The subconscious offers this time a remedy to expel the discomfort and this is how you should interpret this dream. To feel better despite appearances .

Interestingly, this dream about vomiting is also held by people with low self-esteem who fear making a fool of themselves in front of others . This is a truly uncomfortable situation and it is not pleasant for others to see you in these circumstances. But you should not stay with the negative meaning of this dream since now you know your weak points and you can combat them .

Why do you dream of vomiting: meanings and interpretations

Anyone can dream of vomiting and it is true that the feeling is more like a nightmare than a dream of good omen. But we want to insist on the curative nature of this unpleasant dream . Now that you have pushed everything that is wrong with you out of your body, you can move on with more force. And what is it that hurts you so much that you have to vomit?

+Surely you do not dream of vomiting because you have eaten some bad food . You dream that you vomit in moments of frustration , that frustration that sometimes turns into disgust . When something disgusts you, you can also vomit, right? Frustration must be learned to manage it because it is one of the main triggers of anxiety problems, so dreaming that you vomit out of sheer frustration is still another way of expressing your emotions .

+You can also dream of vomiting from disappointment . Imagine a disappointment in love, your partner or the person you like when you suddenly discover that he has cheated on you , that the whole story you have lived is a lie or is stained by betrayal and deception . Certainly a reasonable enough reason to vomit even in dreams. And once again this dreamlike gesture is the one that gives you the keys to your real life: expel it from within.

+Other frequent times when you may dream of vomiting is the night before an exam , for example, or a job interview . They are decisive moments in which somehow your worth is put to the test and you are not very sure of yourself. Here appear the self-esteem problems that we talked about before, although this situation is also closely related to self-demand or excess perfectionism .

+Sometimes you can have this dream without finding an apparent reason. Vomiting is the symbol of expelling what is wrong, so do not hesitate to spend some time reflecting on this dream. What is wrong with your life? What is that you have to throw up? Maybe it is a toxic person who is doing you badly, maybe it is a bad environment at work or maybe it is financial problems that have led you to feel that weakness in your stomach.

Be that as it may, keep in mind that the meaning of this dream is clear. So all you have to do is find out what it is that you need to expel from your life .

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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