Horoscope and love: are Taurus and Scorpios compatible?

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Scorpios are a water sign and Taurus, an earth sign, but how is this translated? The horoscope helps you discover if your sign gets along well with your partner’s. Think about what your love life could change if you get a relationship with a sign with which you are compatible … This time, we focus on finding out if a Taurus and a Scorpio have love compatibility according to the horoscope.

Taurus and Scorpio compatibility

Taurus and Scorpios are two quite compatible zodiac signs. They both feel very supported by each other because in addition to being lovers they are friends. They are one of those couples who get along so well that they can have as much fun spending a whole day in bed as hanging out for a few beers. But of course there are always some small problems.

Scorpios always tend to be very reasoning and when they have a problem with their partner they prefer to talk about it rather than keep it to themselves. However, Taurus tend to get confused very quickly and when they are angry they do not listen to reasons. This water sign drives them crazy that their partner does not listen to them when they speak and less when they are trying to end the problem . Taurus get very nervous about fights and stop being those quiet people that they usually are. In addition, they tend to be a bit spiteful, so even if they say they have forgotten the offenses they will take them out again in the future.

If a Taurus and a Scorpio manage to create their little world for two to escape the routine, they will form a perfectly compatible couple . They can even be a lasting long-term relationship if you put in a little effort and build a happy family together.

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