Dreaming of human poop: hidden meanings

dreaming of human poop hidden meanings

Dreams with feces are very unpleasant but they also have a message

Not every night you have dreams of happiness, joy, or love. There are nights when, without being a nightmare, dreams become such an unpleasant dream experience that you want to forget it as soon as possible. This is the case of dreaming about human poop, a dream that you should not try to forget because it has an important message. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of human poop .

Why do you dream of human poop: its symbolism

Dreams with feces can present you in the most varied situations and surely none of them are positive. However, in the meaning of this dream with human poop you find the key about the moment you are living and that can help you improve. What do dreams with human poop talk about?

+They are very unpleasant dreams, that is true. They are dreams that speak of low self-esteem , humiliation , an inferiority complex , the fear of making a fool of yourself , not feeling capable , not feeling accepted , insecurity and shame . Such a number of negative emotions are difficult to digest in the same dream.

+But you don’t have to digest them, that’s why they come in the form of feces. At the end of the day, feces are all those things that our body has left over. Our body expels them naturally and you should also do it as soon as possible. That is the message of this dream. As you will see, the only thing your dreams want is to help you be happy , even if they do it with messages of this type.

+Dreaming of human poop, like dreaming of garbage or dreaming of dirt, are always surrounded by negative sensations that can remain upon waking. Remember the message to throw away what is left over, to expel the negative , what is hurting you. And if the poop you dream of has stained you, remember the purifying symbolism of water in your dreams .

The different meanings of dreaming about poop and excrement

With this in mind, there are many dreams in which poop appears and they have different meanings. We leave you the interpretation of the most frequent dreams with the warning that the most unpleasant dream situations can occur.

+Dreaming that you step on a human poop

Superstition says stepping on dog or cat poop in the street brings good luck, but it says nothing about human feces. You can take the dream as a premonition of good fortune, which never hurts, but in reality the situation is talking about some obstacles or unforeseen events that you will have to face .

+Dreaming that you are stained with poop

As if you were a baby whose poop has escaped through the diaper, in your dream your body appears stained with feces . It’s a nightmare, we agree on that, but it has an important message. You are at a time when you do not feel capable, you do not value yourself and your self-esteem is on the ground . You are also generating a lot of negative thoughts towards yourself, excessive criticism and you may even be punishing yourself. Time to seek help, don’t you think?

+Dreaming that you eat poop

Another nightmare or unpleasant dream that contains very important information about the moment you are living. Eating is necessary but the act itself of putting food in your mouth is a voluntary gesture. Why are you forcing yourself to eat poop? In this case we find ourselves with a certain feeling of guilt that, together with a low self-esteem, makes you think that you do not deserve anything better. That if you are having too many problems it is because you deserve it. And as you can see, it is a situation that must be stopped as soon as possible so that you can start taking care of yourself, pampering yourself and treating yourself as well as you deserve.

Dreaming of pooping

In some movies you will have seen how some people throw stones at people when they pass by because they are judging and condemning them. This dream reflects what you feel, the situation you think you are in and the way you relate to your environment. Continuing with the self-esteem problem that is present in all dreams with poop, it is evident that you feel that you do not fit in, that you do not feel loved or that you are directly rejected .

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