Dreaming of stones: what does it mean if they come towards you and crush you

dreaming of stones what does it mean if they come towards you and crush you

There are nights that are a nightmare and we want to forget that dream experience as soon as possible. However, if with pleasant dreams we can recharge ourselves with energy, with the most terrible dreams we can learn much more. It is the case of dreaming of rocks that come towards you and crush you , a nightmare that contains a message that you are interested in knowing. We tell you its meaning in our dream dictionary .

Dreaming of stones – what does it mean if they come towards you and crush you

It is not necessary that in your dream you are climbing a large mountain, perhaps you are simply taking a walk through a mountainous terrain near your house. And the relaxing walk in the middle of nature becomes a real nightmare because you see how the rocks come towards you and crush you. They surely crush you because you have been paralyzed and that is even more disturbing. Why could n’t you move ?

+The dream is a nightmare but at the same time it is a warning sign of your emotional state . Do not take it as a premonitory dream , but as the image you needed to recognize the delicate moment that you are living. That moment when you feel overwhelmed, overwhelmed, run over , perhaps by someone in particular, perhaps by many people at once or perhaps by life itself. In any case, it is also the time to wake up and take action.

+Because the signal is quite clear. The rocks going towards you represent everything that you are feeling threatened by in life . What is it about? The dream does not specify it, it can be a self-esteem problem, a bad work streak, a relationship crisis, a family misunderstanding, a moment of confusion with friends or it can even be a significant emotional problem that is announcing the danger of a depression .

+Worse still is the moment when the rocks fall on you and crush you, because this dreamlike image returns us to a physically and mentally exhausted person . You feel powerless, defeated, perhaps you have already given up thinking that you cannot overcome the problems you are facing. And hence your dream, which is not to agree with you and that you remain sunk under the stones, but so that the next time you see the rocks pounce on you, you can react in time.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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