Dreaming of the death of a child: do not fear your dreams

dreaming of the death of a child

Within horrible dreams or nightmares there are also degrees and some of them we do not even want to imagine. It is the case of dreaming of the death of a child, a dream that will fill you with worry and anguish throughout the day. Discover in our dream dictionary what it means to dream of the death of a child .

Is it premonitory to dream of the death of a child?

Without a doubt, it is the worst thing that can happen to you in life, that your child dies. However, it should be made clear that it is not a premonitory dream and that in the meaning of this dream there is no risk or danger for the life of your child. This terrible dream, in reality, does not speak of your son, but of yourself .

Unless you are an overprotective mother or your child actually has some illness, this nightmare in which your child dies has nothing to do with their physical integrity. At most it can be a reflection of your fears , but those fears must also analyze us so as not to cause unnecessary alarms in your life and in the life of your child.

Generally, dreams of death are dreams of terror, especially if it is about a child. But fear not, because death is also interpreted in the form of rebirth or renewal . Your child may be reaching adolescence and you are worried about losing that infant child who will inevitably undergo a great transformation in the coming months.

Of course, you do not have to bother looking for hidden wishes for something to happen to your child, so do not feel guilty about this dream with the death of your child because you neither choose your dreams nor are they a manifestation of what you want. Wake up, shake off the anguish and get ready to support that child who will sooner or later become an adult.

Why do you dream that your son dies

It is true that dreaming of the death of a child is a disturbing dream experience and it is normal for you to wonder why. When you see that one of your children is not having a good time in life , that they have suffered a significant disappointment, that they have lost their job or that they are going through difficult times, you can have this dream.

Does it surprise you? It turns out that death in dreams is not a bad omen, but often represents the desire for that person you dream of to have a kind of rebirth and to achieve that, you must first die; metaphorically speaking, of course. Dreaming of the death of a child is a kind of second chance , the one you think your child needs.

But as we have already told you, many dreams with the death of the children do not speak of the children but of yourself. Being a mother is one more project in life, perhaps the most important and to be honest it does not always turn out the way we would like. Maybe because we have placed our expectations on our children, maybe because we are putting more pressure on them than understanding or maybe because motherhood was not what we expected .

The death of a child in dreams: its different meanings

And other times, the dreams in which a child dies do not even have to do with this aspect of motherhood. To verify this, we tell you the meaning of the most frequent dreams in which a child dies .

+ Dreaming that your baby dies

Common nightmare in new mothers, dreaming about the death of your baby can happen even when you are not a mother. Babies in dreams represent new life projects , be they work or personal. Projects that are starting and that suddenly go wrong and you have to discard them with the consequent disappointment and sadness that that produces. That is what this dream means, do not take it as a premonitory dream.

+ Dreaming that your child becomes ill

Nor do you have to take as a premonitory dream when you dream that your child suffers a serious illness and finally dies. You may have this dream because you are worried about the future of your children , it is true, but you can also have this dream because of that fear that you have of losing your illusions , with nothing to do with your children or even without the need to have children in the real life.

+ Dream that all your children die

Of broken dreams and disappointments also talks this dream that all your children die. It reflects a difficult vital moment in which you are left without resources, without support, without illusions and without hope. You also run out of strength, without confidence in the future , the darkness surrounds you and you are paralyzed because there is nowhere to continue. Beware of this dream that is a whole nightmare because it is not talking about your children, but about a difficult moment that can easily lead to depression .

+ Dreaming that your child dies in a car accident

This dream in which your son dies in a car accident does refer to your son, but don’t worry because it is not a premonition. It reflects precisely that moment in which you see that your child’s path is not the right one for him , that he is lost or that he walks through life aimlessly. He finally has a car accident, because it is the vehicle that takes us through life. Your child may be weak and unable to continue, so this dream invites you to lend a hand.

+ Dreaming that you kill your children

Don’t be surprised to have this dream in which you kill your children and dinner becomes a feast of blood and violence. Don’t start questioning what kind of person you are because you don’t choose what you dream of. Why do you kill your children in your dreams? Keep in mind that you can dream about it even if you don’t have children, but surely you have a lot of extra responsibilities that are weighing you down and from which you want to free yourself as soon as possible.

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