Everything you need to know about dinophobia: the terrible fear of vertigo


There are many types of phobias, some are more specific and others more general; some are towards animals, others towards concrete objects and still others towards mere sensations. This is the case of dinophobia or the fear of vertigo , which should not be confused with the fear of heights, because people who suffer from it do not need to go anywhere to suffer it. We tell you all about dinophobia in our dictionary of phobias .

What is Dinophobia

Dinophobia is the fear of feeling vertigo or dizzy. That feeling that your head is going away or that your head is free: her on one side and your body on the other. That feeling that everything around you is moving, that you lose your balance, stability and that feeling that everything is wobbling.

The fear of vertigo and dizziness is a rare phobia, the phobia of heights is more frequent , which is related but is not the same. And it is also related to those phobias towards something abstract , such as the fear of infinity or the fear of eternity. And be careful because you don’t have to go up to the roof of a building to suffer from dinophobia.

Symptoms of Dinophobia

What do people who suffer from dinophobia feel? It is a terror and an irrational and inordinate fear of having vertigo or dizziness. It can occur in any situation, in any place and at any time in which the body warns of an unreal danger before the imminence of suffering vertigo.

Therefore, you do not have to walk on a bridge, approach a cliff or climb to the top of a building. There are people who suffer vertigo and dizziness from cervical problems, for example, and that can happen anywhere. The symptoms of dinophobia are the same as those of anxiety and among them coincidentally there are also dizziness, which turns this phobia into a real nightmare.

Causes of Dinophobia

But, what causes the appearance of a phobia like this fear of vertigo? In most cases it is a question of conditioning by a traumatic experience . People who have suffered an episode of vertigo in a highly emotionally charged situation will be terrified that the experience will be repeated.

In the case of dinophobia, it happens as with panic attacks , that once you have suffered one, you are afraid that it will happen again . And it is precisely that fear that calls to live that situation over and over again. As we say, it is a terrifying vicious circle in which fear and dizziness are the protagonists.

Treatment of dinophobia

Like all phobias, the fear of vertigo can also be overcome. And like all phobias, you need psychological help to do it, it is not advisable to try it alone because it could worsen the situation and it could also favor the appearance of new phobias.

There seems to be agreement that cognitive behavioral therapy is the most indicated for treating all types of phobic disorders. It is a therapy that helps to understand the development of phobia, to identify the distorted thoughts that produce fear and, therefore, to modify behavior.

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