Horoscope and friendship: this is how a Leo and a Taurus get along

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The Leo, being a fire sign, needs a bit of the tranquility of the Taurus, which is of earth. However, it comes in handy for him to be pushed to live more in the moment and less in responsibility. This rapport that seems to exist between the two does not have to be a guarantee that they will be good friends. So what is the friendship between a Leo and a Taurus like? The horoscope explains it to us from the descriptions of each of the signs.

Are Leo and Taurus good friends?

A Leo and a Taurus can get along. They can be good neighbors, good co-workers, good distant friends, etc. It is very likely that your relationship is cordial since both are correct people in the deal. However, it is very rare for a Leo and a Taurus to be true friends with each other for life and for everything. In fact, if this is your case, value what you have a lot and do not let it escape, because it is very rare.

Although they belong to more or less compatible signs, there are some characteristics of their way of being that cause them to distance themselves . For example, both are very ambitious, so they will spend too much time at work damaging their personal relationships. Taurus get very nervous with the passion with which Leos take everything they like, while Leos get bored with how calm this earth sign can be.

In any case, even if a Leo and a Taurus are not going to become close friends , they can get along and help each other. If you are a Leo and you have just met a Taurus or vice versa, do not reject their friendship because you can discover an interesting relationship.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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