How long does it take to get over an infidelity (and how to deal with cheating)

How long does it take to get over an infidelity (and how to deal with cheating)

How long it can take to recover from disloyalty

When disloyalty occurs in relationships there are two possible options. Either you forgive your partner’s cheating and continue with the relationship or you break the relationship. Both options are delicate because forgiving an infidelity is a goal that is not always achieved and the couple spends months or even years trying to recover from that betrayal. For its part, a break of this type we all already know how much it hurts and how the suffering lasts. That is why we are wondering how long it takes to overcome an infidelity , even if you can never forget it, and how to face deception .

The time it takes to get over an infidelity

There is no time limit, neither downwards nor upwards, to overcome infidelity . Nor is there any to overcome a breakup, to recover from a layoff at work or to overcome the grief over the death of a loved one. Times are very personal when it comes to emotions and in infidelity the hurricane of emotions that you are going to feel can sweep you away during a good season.

If you take the option to forgive your partner’s infidelity, do not think that you have overcome the cheating at that very moment, the moment you decide to continue with your partner or give him another chance . Your love, as immense as it is, is not going to make you overcome this fracture in the relationship and it is very possible that for months or years the wound will bleed again.

It also seems easier to get over infidelity if you decide to break up with your partner. You do the duel, you turn the page and, ready for a new love! But it is not that simple. An infidelity is a deception and when trust is broken, it is not only broken in relation to your partner. It is very often also trust you let it , you stop believing in yourself because your self – esteem blow when your partner is cheating on you who make history.

If an infidelity from your ex-boyfriend makes you suspicious, suspicious and jealous in your new relationship, it is evident that you have not overcome it .

How do you overcome an infidelity?

But as we say, each person needs a different time. It depends a lot on the actions you take to overcome that infidelity . And we have already anticipated it, the key is in self-esteem . Because if your partner has been unfaithful to you, surely you have more than once encountered an internal dialogue that is most destructive to yourself.

I am not good enough, she is better, she has abandoned me because I am not worth it, I am not worth it, I have not known how to keep love, she has deceived me because of me. How is he going to love me? If these thoughts ring a bell, if they have been running through your head after an infidelity, you already know what the first step you have to take to overcome this painful episode is.

What can you do to face an infidelity ? Improve your self-esteem. Your partner (or ex-partner) is solely responsible for the infidelity. Neither you nor her lover have anything to do with it. Do you want a culprit? Do not look for your failures, that surely you have them like everyone else, or for the bad intentions of the lover. The only culprit is your partner. Their motives are not known to us and we may never know. But we do know that the person we are interested in is you.

Dedicate time to yourself, to regain lost trust in yourself , to believe in yourself again. Surround yourself with people who love and appreciate you, those friends and family who always bet on you and for whom you are important. Find time to do the things you like, the things you are passionate about, the things that make you happy. And always remember that this infidelity was not your thing, you do not have to carry someone else’s mistake.

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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