How to Make Love to a Man with Your Mouth?

how to make love to a man with your mouth

Take these foolproof steps to excel at having oral sex and learn how to make love to a man with your mouth.

There are very few men who do not enjoy receiving oral sex. For some, being able to give an incredible blowjob and leave your lover gasping with pleasure is a source of pride. However, other women lack confidence. The first key point is not to think of it as a chore.

10 Steps To Make Love To Your Man With Your Mouth 

It can be enriching to know that you are completely in charge of making your man feel amazing, making the experience truly enjoyable for both of you.

Here’s our step-by-step guide to giving a man out of this world oral sex and leaving him wanting you and your mouth.

 1. Don’t Immerse Yourself Directly 

Take your time. Begin by placing teasing little kisses on his stomach and thighs slowly, before letting your lips pass over the tip of his penis. Not only does this foreplay create a sparkling tension, but, in a new relationship, it gives you a chance to discover your body and take a closer look at what you’re working with.

 2. Wet is Better 

Flavored lubricants like Durex Play Saucy Strawberry or your favorite add juicy flavor, feel deliciously smooth to him, and mean he doesn’t have to worry about his mouth getting dry. Place a few drops in the palm of your hand and massage into your skin, stimulating it with your hand at the same time.

In addition to lubricant, keep water by the bed and sip over and over again. Again, this will help stop dehydration. As well as making things easier for you, the cool liquid will feel good against your penis and give you a mix of different sensations that you are sure to love and make you explode.

 3. Give long licks from base to tip 

With your tongue wide and flat, lick his entire length, making eye contact, showing him that you are excited and shamelessly enjoying relaxing and turning him on the way you like him and which of course fascinates him.

 4. Practice the Phosphorus Method 

The next step is to put his penis in your mouth. Penises are more or less similar to matches: the hottest part is at the top: the head and trunk contain most of the nerve endings and are more sensitive . Concentrate your action here, alternating between sucking, moving your tongue from side to side, and flicking it lightly.

 5. Keep Your Hands Helpful 

If you want to give the feeling of taking him deep without making it uncomfortable, put one hand around the base of his shaft and move it up and down in time with the movements of your mouth. While giving a blowjob, don’t neglect the rest of her body – you can  use your fingers to gently caress her testicles, slide your nails gently down her inner thighs, or pinch her nipples if that’s an area she likes to be stimulated.

 6. Stay Active While Taking a Breath 

You should take a break from time to time to avoid jaw pain. Keep the passion to the limit by kissing him, massaging him with your hands, or giving him a brilliant show by touching yourself in front of him for a few moments. This shows that giving him oral is turning him on, and reminds him that this is as much about his pleasure as it is yours.

 7. Practice Moaning 

Many men find it intensely sexy to hear their lover making appreciative noises during oral sex; plus, placing her lips against his penis and humming a crazed “mmmmm” sends out magnificent vibrations that travel through his manhood. Do you want to take things to the next level? Try holding a small vibrator against your cheek while he is inside your mouth.

 8. Keep it calm 

As they approach climax, some men may become overly aroused, pushing their partner’s mouth too hard or instinctively grabbing their partner’s head in a way that not all women find pleasant. If this happens, try walking away and asking him to slow down so you can enjoy it.

 9. Try the Magic 8 Ball 

Maintaining a regular rhythm with your mouth while doing good oral sex helps develop a man’s orgasm, but to prevent both of you from getting bored by moving your head up and down, give eight shallow blowjobs, simply by taking the tip of the penis. between the lips. Then treat him with seven shallow blowjobs and a deeper one. After that, give him six shallow and two deeper sucks, and so on … until he’s ready to blow.

 10. Add a little Flavor 

Condoms protect against the transmission of STDs during oral sex and the flavors can help you a lot to enjoy and taste great too. Putting on a condom with your mouth is impressive, sensual and easier than you can imagine …

Place the condom flat against your lips, inside out, away from you. Gently suck the nipple into your mouth and use your tongue to push the air out of it. Next, press the inside of the condom against the head of your penis and press the first inch or so into your mouth, covering it with the condom as you go. Use your hand to smooth the rest down its shaft to the base and it’s ready for the main event! (If you want to practice it on your own, use a banana or a vibrator 🙂

Written by Giorgia Stromeo

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