Love horoscope: are Aries and Aquarians compatible?

are aries and aquarians compatible

An Aries can end up very hurt after a relationship with an Aquarius, however, they are two zodiac signs that fall in love very intensely. If you are part of an Aries-Aquarius couple, the horoscope can help you to know if your signs are compatible . We focus on talking about love to discover the most romantic side of both. How are Aries and Aquarians in love compatibility?

Horoscope for Aries and Aquarius

The love between these two zodiac signs is very intense from day one, but at the same time they are highly in love. Aries and Aquarians are the kind that send their friends at least once a month a message to their friends saying ‘I’ve fallen in love’. In the case of the Aries, it can be considered infatuation , since they are very passionate and give themselves to the maximum almost from the first moment in which the other person shows a little interest. However, in the case of Aquarians, at most one can speak of infatuation, since they are more of superficial love. Aries who do really get caught, can have a very bad time when their Aquarius’ love comes and goes. They feel that they are playing with them.

While love lasts, and if both manage to develop the same feelings, an Aquarius and an Aries can become compatible in love. But the day to day of a couple of these signs will be full of fights , at least on the part of the Aries. As a good air sign, Aquarians are much more laid back and try to get around problems. An Aquarius will try to change the topic of conversation so as not to get into a fight or will simply keep what he thinks to himself.

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