Phrases for Christmas cards

phrases for christmas cards

Christmas greetings are usually done now through WhatsApp, with short phrases, lots of images and funny gifs that make us laugh and make our day, well, I’m not saying no, especially because they always arrive on time and are easy to read and respond.

However, we who consider ourselves a bit traditional, we cannot forget the usual Christmas cards, the ones that are written by hand. It will be because they have a special meaning or because they are a little more personal. The fact is that so that this tradition does not fall into oblivion, we have come up with a few ideal phrases to put on the Christmas card of love, friendship or family . Do you think this is a good idea? Well, wait until you finish reading!

Phrase ideas for you to write on your Christmas cards

Christmas would not be the same without congratulations and phrases of affection . Words that fill our hearts with joy and remind us of the true meaning of Christmas: to be by the side of our loved ones and to wish them the best today and always.

If you need a few ideas of phrases to write on your Christmas cards this year, wait to see the ones that we share here with you, surely more than one seems the most appropriate to dedicate, with all your love, to your family and your friends. Let’s see them!

1 Christmas is coming, so it’s time to wish your loved ones love, peace and happiness for the whole year. That is why I dedicate these words to you, so that you and your family enjoy the good things in life. May the new year that begins be the best of all

At Christmas, more than ever, we do everything we can to make our loved ones and their families very happy .

2 Best wishes for a joyful present, a well-remembered past, and a future full of joy and wonderful things to live for.

If you have small children , suggest that they make a Christmas drawing on the card to accompany these words, it will be the best congratulations in the world.

3 Christmas is about spending time with family and friends. And it’s also about creating happy memories that will last the entire year. Enjoy these parties next to those who love you the most. This family wishes you the best

Happy holidays to you and yours!

4 Receive the warmest and warmest greetings from this family. May Christmas be magical and may next year bring good things to you and your loved ones

This phrase can be perfect to write on a Christmas card dedicated to friends or co-workers, don’t you think?

5 There is no better time to send good wishes than Christmas. There is no better occasion to bless or greater opportunity to reach out to others. May these endearing parties be remembered for the moments of happiness that are going to be experienced

What do you think of this phrase to write on a Christmas card and dedicate to grandparents ? They surely know how to appreciate it like the most.

6 Merry Christmas, happy New Year and happy Kings. May your wish be to have peace and may your pride be to take care of your family. Remember that you can count on me for everything

Happy holidays, may the magic of Christmas never leave your heart.

Christmas messages to write on a Christmas card and give to loved ones

The Christmas cards written in your own hand can also be an excellent gift for these holidays so marked on everyone’s calendar, especially if that phrase takes on a different meaning, it is said from the heart and with all the love in the world. We continue!

7 Christmas, sweet Christmas because we spent it together. Happy New Year because when the bells ring we will shake hands. Sweet morning of Reyes because I’m going to make sure your wishes arrive on time, you deserve it!

Did you know that it is also a great idea to dedicate a Christmas card to the loved ones you live with ? It will be the best surprise you are going to get!

8 In these very special parties I want to tell you how proud I am of you for the special person you have become. I’m sure that destiny has great things in store for you. Happy Holidays!

An ideal phrase for children, they will also feel proud and happy .

9 Ideally, your resolutions for the New Year scare you, that means that they are a challenge and that they are really worth fighting for. I will be by your side to make them come true

Have you already made your list of good resolutions for the New Year ? Do not leave it for the last minute, it is something that has to be thought through.

10 I wish you as much health as drops of snow, as much happiness as leaves are on Christmas trees, as much happiness as gifts are left by Santa Claus in homes around the world and as many joys as sweets are served at the table at Christmas Eve dinner

I also wish you that all your dreams come true, you deserve it more than anyone for being the excellent person you are . Happy Holidays!

11 More hugs for you from your loved ones, more smiles from the people you admire. More joys for you and yours. More confidence that everything will go well, more moments with the family and also for oneself, to love and value oneself. And more magic all year round as it is lived at Christmas

Undoubtedly an ideal phrase to write down on a Christmas card and give to that person who makes your day with their mere presence.

12 Laugh like there is no tomorrow, love like you have never done before, dream like when you were a child, get excited about everything and nothing, enjoy the little things in life, give time to others and also to yourself, get excited every day and feel life like never before

Happy Holidays! The New Year will be very special because I am going to spend it by your side.

13 They say that at Christmas all roads do not lead us to Rome but home, no matter how far we are; and they also say that the magic that is breathed reminds us that we must take better care of our own. Enjoy next to yours and give them all the love that is in your heart

Who have you remembered when reading this Christmas phrase ? It will be for him the card on which you write it with much affection and more enthusiasm.

14 On these special dates I would like to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. The New Year that is just beginning is an opportunity, a blank book, to be happy and write our destiny and our own path. Ask for it as I wish when the bells ring at 12 at night

Another perfect phrase to write down on a beautiful and original Christmas card and give to the people who make your life special.

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