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Anjelah Johnson (Anjelah Nicole Johnson) also known as ‘Anjelah Johnson-Reyes’ is an American actress, comedian and former NFL cheerleader. Johnson was a cast member of the MADtv series during its 13th season, its characters involved a Vietnamese beauty salon employee named Mỹ Linh / Tammy and a rude fast food employee turned music star named Bon Qui Qui ‘the latter of which became popular outside the short term by Johnson on MADtv ‘.


She was born on May 14, 1982 in San Jose, California, United States. He was 36 in 2018.


She was born to devoted Christian parents in the United States. He has four siblings, including Kennie and Veronica Johnson.


Johnson married Manwell Reyes on June 11, 2011 in Half Moon Bay, California. The two don’t want children of their own, although they love spending time with their grandchildren and grandchildren.


It stands at a height of 1.63 meters high.

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2005- He moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in comedy

2007- joined the cast of the sketch comedy show MADtv as a featured performer.

2008 – Nominated for an ALMA Award for Best Female Performance in a Comedy TV Series for her work on MADtv.

2011- she became the “TC Girl”, spokesperson for the Mexican restaurant Taco Cabana

2013- reprized the role of his MADtv character Bon Qui Qui for a skit published by Alexander Wang.

2015- His second cabaret special titled Homecoming Show followed and premiered on Netflix.


She eventually became a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders after being inducted in 2002. As a member of the Oakland Raiderettes, she was named Rookie of the Year and performed at Super Bowl XXXVII.


Uncut nail salon


Not fancy | I will cut you | Netflix


Best Standing Comedy Ever (Comedy Central Full Show)


Not fancy | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix





2007 Box
2009 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Julie Ortega
2010 Our family wedding Isabel
2010 Marmaduke Afghan #2 (you)
2013 Enough said Cathy
2014 Moms ‘Night Out Restaurant hostess
2014 The book of life Adelita / Nina (you)
2017 The resurrection of Gavin Stone Kelly Richardson





2006 Love, Inc. Female customer
2007 On the Up Herself
2007-2008, 2016 MADtv Various characters
2008 Untitled Pilot Dave Caplan Maria
2008 Press to preview movies Herself
2009 Comedy Central Herself

Ugly Betty

2010 Lopez tonight Herself
2016 MADtv 20th Anniversary Reunion Well Who Who
2018 ‘Did you pay attention?’> Did you pay attention? Herself


Trying the Ear Candle | Chips and salsa


By: Sean L. McCarthy

Date: May 5, 2010


I knew our interview was going to be late because you tweeted @anjelahjohnson that you were out on a hike. How much do you use Twitter to have fun and how much to build your fan base as a comedian? ‘I haven’t really thought about it, what is my purpose. I like being able to express myself right now … sometimes you drive down the street and you see something crazy and you want to call someone, but it’s not really worth calling. This way you can send an instant call to everyone. You can kick yourself or not, but no one was bothered by a phone call with it. I can say, hey, watch me on the Lopez Tonight show. It is funny. It’s a really useful tool for what I do. ‘

How old were you when you first thought of comedy as a career?“24, I guess. It’s been just five years since I started doing comedy. Even in the beginning I didn’t think of it as a career. I thought of it as something fun and something I was good at – oh wait a minute, this could actually be a career. ‘ You started with an improvisation lesson earlier, right? “I took an improvisation course in my church. Every Tuesday night they have a creative arts function in church, acting lessons, singing, art, everything … I know I have friends in the class. I don’t even know what prompted me to go in that direction. They had the acting class. I was in that, and then they said we have an improvisation class, OK, I’ll try. ‘

This almost makes it look like you’ve tripped over it. Did you have previous comic ambitions? ‘I used to watch the BET comic all the time. My mom didn’t like us watching it because of all the language, the dirty content. Even then I didn’t think about it, it was just something that was fun to watch and listen to. Then in college, I was taking communication and speech classes. I always knew that when I got up to talk I would make people laugh, so I was never nervous about my lack of preparation because I knew I could make people laugh. You know, I think I’ve done this for a long time and I didn’t even know it. ‘

Just two years after doing stand-ups, you had two huge pieces on YouTube. What’s your take now on the joys and pitfalls of making your routines so popular? Do you feel you have to do “Bon Qui Qui” and “Nail Salon” again at every show? ‘I think it’s all a joy, first of all. Now that I have my (special) Comedy Central and people have seen my material … most of the people who have come have come because they have seen that material on the Internet. It’s like seeing your favorite band and they don’t sing that song you played in the car all the time. The reaction I get is very gratifying. But I just get tired of the joke itself, and yet, if I withdraw it and don’t, people start screaming at the end of the show. I just have to be thankful.
now. It’s gotten to the point where I run the beauty salon and people start shouting ‘Bon Here Here’ in the middle. I think, do you want me to do all my pieces at the same time?I understand perfectly, but it is frustrating. I think it will get to the point where most of my material is so fresh and new that they aren’t thinking about the old things. I’m just, oh, this is great, this is great. I certainly haven’t arrived yet. I definitely take my time and live my life and the stories I tell are personal from my life. I want to tell them my way and not just spit them out … also the fear of failure. If I say it now, sometimes I’ll be scared if it doesn’t get a great response right away and say I won’t say it again, but then I’ll think it’s new and I need to work on it. The pressure to write new material to live up to ‘beauty salon’ and ‘Bon here here’ … you just have to do it. This is definitely a struggle for me. ‘

One thing that wasn’t a fight was your recent appearance on Lopez Tonight. It seems to be a hotter crowd than any other live TV studio audience. Launch the clip!

How was that concert? ‘Even in interviews they scream like crazy. I noticed it and I knew I was going in, I had to cut my material in half because most of the time it would be filled with cheers and cheers. Even just preparing my line, cheering for the Raiders, there are no questions in that set because you’re just looking for trouble, so I got right to the point … but as soon as you say Oakland Raiders, you’re asking someone’s opinion. They were thrilled, which is great. Because they were already on your side. ‘

As a devoted Christian who works in cabaret clubs, have you ever felt like a ‘good girl’ surrounded by quintessential ‘bad guys’ trying to tempt you to the dark side? ‘I guess it’s wherever my focus is right now, if I’m just looking to get out and have fun, it’s easier to get tempted by the men I’m surrounded by. But if I’m thinking of pursuing a serious relationship, then it’s less of a temptation, because I know
there are those moments when I am tempted. Even though I have the good girl logo on me. I’m absolutely not perfect in any way. For me personally, I don’t have it with my fans or my fans. I think it’s different for a girl who goes out there. I’m not even thinking about getting in touch with a fan after a show. I surround myself with other comedians I know and trust, I won’t like them, I’m a good friend. I love working with Nate Bargatze. He is a lovely comedian and a funny human being, I know he is married and loves his wife. I know there is no temptation in this. It really just depends on how focused I am in the moment. ‘

Do you feel the need to lift or defend your Christianity as a stand-up? I do not raise him in any way as a preacher. But I make fun of myself in every aspect of my life, but not in a preaching way. I’m talking about myself and I’m a Christian, so it’ll come out.

Are you worried about the perception that Christians (or other devoted people in their religions) might not have the best sense of humor?Comedians like to make fun of Christian rock, and I know you have a little bit about Christian rappers. No. I don’t think about it. I do not care. I’m sure there are some Christians who don’t have a personality. But that’s not what I am. I am a Christian and it is possible to have a great personality and a sense of humor. There are some stuffy people. We have our Christian rock and our Christian rap. I haven’t really heard any Buddhist rock or Buddhist rap. And some are cheesy. There are some songs that I listen to and think, oh this is awful. Just because there is Christian music doesn’t mean listening. It’s just me, it’s just Anjelah, I do cabaret, I’m an actress, I’m a Christian, I’m a sister, I’m a daughter. I’m not trying to tell the daughters in my stand-up to be the best daughters we can be. I’m just me. I’m not on any crusade. I am here and I am saying that here are some things about me. ‘

So what’s next for you? I know you also have a part in the summer movie, Marmaduke. What else is available? “I’m spreading the word on my DVD, on the tour dates, now that the pilot season is over in Los Angeles. I’m just working on new material, and I’m on the road again. As for film and television, I am so lucky to do what I will do, I never know when the next opportunity will come, but I am grateful when it will. I just keep trying to grow and grow. I am looking to progress, so when the next opportunity arises, I will be prepared for it. ‘

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